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Breath of the Wild guide: Ja Baij shrine walkthrough and puzzle solutions

Bomb trial

The path to the Ja Baij shrine is dangerous because there are decayed guardians in your way, just like the one in the gallery below. They’re big, and they can’t move (which is nice), but they’re deadly — one-hit kill deadly.

It’s not worth fighting them now, but you’ll need to get past them to get to the shrine. It’s simple, too. They’re stuck in the ground, and they’re surrounded by crumbling walls. That means you have cover. Run between cover, recovering your stamina until you find yourself at the shrine.

  1. Interact with the terminal to get the remote bombs.
  2. Denote a remote bomb near the two large cracked stones.
  3. Down the hallway and to your left, denote another remote bomb to destroy two more cracked stones.
  4. Climb up the ladder, and place a square bomb onto the far end of the floating platform.
  5. In the far left corner of the room (to the left of the shrine), you’ll find a treasure chest. Let the launcher throw you across onto it, and collect your amber.
  6. Head back to where you came in and drop a round bomb through the tube with the big opening. It will fly across the room and land on a big pile of cracked rock cubes. Detonate it to destroy those cubes.
  7. Hop down, across the room and up the ladder. Reach the altar and collect your spirit orb.

The next level of puzzles.

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