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Breath of the Wild guide: Owa Dam shrine walkthrough and puzzle solutions

stasis trial

  1. Interact with the device when you arrive in the Owa Dam shrine to get your next rune, statis, which allows you to slow down and manipulate time.
  2. Use stasis on the giant gear that’s flipping the bridge in front of you, and then cross the bridge.
  3. Continue along the path, turning left and using stasis to stop the rolling boulders.
  4. Head straight up top, open the treasure chest and collect a traveler’s shield.
  5. Head back down the ramp, turn right and pick up the iron sledgehammer sitting against the far wall.
  6. Use stasis on the stationary boulder blocking your path, and wack the hell out of it with the iron sledgehammer. The momentum will build up and launch the boulder into the air, so you can collect your spirit orb and leave.

As you exit the shrine, use stasis on the boulder just outside the shrine’s entrance. You’ll uncover a treasure chest with the powerful traveler’s bow.

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