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Bugsnax guide: Where to catch your first 3 Bugsnax

Feed Filbo with Strabby, Rootle, and Green Lollive

Filbo from Bugsax Image: Young Horses via Polygon

As you start you adventure in the world of Bugsnax, one of your first tasks is to capture some creatures. Since most of the interactions you’ll have in the game involve catching these critters, it helps to learn the mechanics right from the beginning of the game.

In this Bugsnax guide, we’ll show you the steps to catch your first three Bugsnax for Filbo.

How to catch Bugsnax

All of the three Bugsnax you need to capture for Filbo are contained in the area you’re in, Flavor Falls. Each of the creatures in the area are pretty easy to obtain, but since this is your first time getting your hands on any, it might be a bit confusing at first.

One of the first things you want to do is pull out your SnaxScope and scan the area. When encountering a Bugsnak you’ve never seen before, they will be highlighted in white and there will be question marks above them. Hit the scan button to reveal relevant details about the Bugsnak, like their behavior or their likes and dislikes.

Strabby is one of the first Bugsnax you catch
Image: Young Horses via Polygon

To capture a Bugsnak, place your Snak Trap on the ground. Once the trap is set, a white area around it will become highlighted. If any Bugsnax enter that zone, you can capture them. When a creature is in range, the white zone will become blue, you’ll hear a noise, and the wristwatch your character wears will also turn blue. Hit the capture button, and the trap will snag the Bugsnak.

Once the creature is in the device, a countdown timer will run down. If you don’t retrieve your trap before then, the snak will escape.

The first — and easiest Bugsnak to capture in this area — is the strawberry-like Strabby.

How to catch Strabby

After you receive your Snak Trap from Filbo, look for a Strabby near a big bush and a large rock. Scan the snak to reveal its walking path, highlighted by a purple path along the ground. Strabbies are simply enough to capture, but if you get too close, they’ll dive into a Hiding Bush and won’t leave until you’ve moved far enough away.

There are two ways to capture the Strabby easily:

  1. Stand along the far end of their path and place the trap there then wait for it to walk into it
  2. If you’ve scared it, place the trap outside the bush, and then capture it once it exits

To catch another Strabby, travel through the waterfall, into the cave, and out the other end. Be careful of the Green Lollive flying to the left of you. If it sees a trap, it’ll grab it, forcing you to retrieve and starting all over. At the moment, you won’t have the tools you’ll need to capture the Green Lollive, so avoid it and capture this second Strabby.

How to catch a Rootle

Follow the flow of the river to a small opening where you can find a Rootle and a Green Lollive. Beware of the Green Lollive as you place the trap down for the Rootle. The carrot-like Bugsnak will hide in the ground when it sees you, so just place a trap next to it, hide, and then wait for it to emerge to grab it.

After you’ve caught all three, head back to Filbo to complete your very first quest in Bugsnax.

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