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Bugsnax guide: Where to find clues and leads to find Lizbert

Where to find the adventurer

Lizbert from Bugsnax Image: Young Horses via Polygon

Your adventure on the island in Bugsnax begins with an invitation from Lizbert Megafig. However, upon reaching the snak-filled paradise, the adventurer is missing. Throughout the entire length of the game, you’ll be uncovering clues and leads that will help you discover her whereabouts.

In this Bugsnax guide, we’ll show you how to find each piece of evidence that will lead you to Lizbert’s location.

Where to get clues and leads

There are several clues and leads to uncover in your quest to find Lizbert. While not all of them are critical to discovering where she went, each one does illuminate more of the story behind the mysterious island you find yourself on.

Here is where you can find each clue and lead that will help you locate Lizbert:

Video Diary #1

This can be found in Liz’s hut.

Video Diary #2

After you get Liz’s Cabinet Key from Beffica once you interview her, use the key to open the locked cabinet in Liz’s hut.

Video Diary #3

Inside Eggabell’s chest in her house. Open the chest with the key you get from Chandlo after helping him return to town.

Video Diary #4

If you follow the clue you get from the Sugarpine Woods map you get from Wiggle, it will lead to a bag where you’ll find this video reel.

Video Diary #5

Inside the Mystery Box that Shelda presents to you after they return to town. You must get the key from Floofty to open the box to get this video.

Liz’s Cabinet Key

After you get Beffica back to town, interview her and she’ll give you this key once you’re done.

Diary Key

Received this after getting Gramble to leave the beach and return to town. He will give it to you after your interview him him.

Eggabell’s Chest Key

Received after interviewing Chandlo after he returns to town.

Mystery Key

Received after interviewing Floofty after he returns to town.

Strange Device notes

Interview Wambus back at town after you get him to return.

Half of a Code

Once you get Triffany back to town after helping her in the ruins of Scorched Gorge, she’ll show you a locked diary. Use the Diary Key you got from Gramble to open it and get Half of a Code.

The Other Half of the Code

If you follow the clue on the Boiling Bay Map you get from Cromdo, it leads to a bag where you’ll find this note.

Mystery Map

Received from Snorpy after their interview.

Sugarpine Woods Map

Received from Wiggle after their interview.

Boiling Bay map

Received after interviewing Cromdo when he returns to town.

Wiggle’s Autograph

Received after speaking to Wiggle alone after you first encounter her on the beach.

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