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Bugsnax guide: How get the bridge from Cromdo

How to get the salesman back to town

Cromdo from Bugsnax Image: Young Horses via Polygon

At the top of Scorched Gorge in Bugsnax, you’ll meet the shifty salesman Cromdo. After talking to him for a few minutes, he’ll try to literally sell you a bridge. Instead of cash, he’ll gladly hand it over for a few treats.

In this Bugsnax guide, we’ll show you each step you need to take to get the bridge from Cromdo.

How to fix the windmill (Don Quixote!)

Rocks in Bugsnax
Launch the rocks, not yourself, at the windmills
Image: Young Horses via Polygon

One of the first requirements Cromdo needs you to fulfill is to fix the nearby windmills. They are covered in webs, and you’ll need to use a special tool to clean them up.

To fix the windmill, Cromdo will let you use his Lunchpad. Your first instinct might be to put yourself on the launcher to fly over and fix the windmills, but you’ll learn that you are too heavy to send across the gap.

Instead, look to your right and grab one of the nearby rocks and place one of them on the Lunchpad. Then select the Lunchpad from your list of tools, aim, and fire the rocks at the spiderwebs covering the windmills. Shoot down all three, and you’ll finish this quest for Cromdo.

Catch three Cheepoofs (Caveat Emptor!)

A Snak Trap in Bugsnax
Launch your Snak Trap to catch Cheepoofs
Image: Young Horses via Polygon

After you fix the windmills for Cromdo, he’ll ask you to catch some Cheepoofs. If you scan them, their description states that they never stop to land. The secret to catching them is to get your Snak Trap airborne.

To catch Cheepoofs, place your Snak Trap on the Lunchpad and aim the Lunchpad at a nearby Cheepoof. Once you fire the Lunchpad, quickly switch control to your Snak Trap.

Pay attention to the color of your wristwatch as the Snak Trap flies toward the Cheepoof. Once your watch turns blue — you’ll also hear the noise indicating a creature is in range to capture — close your trap, and you’ll catch your first airborne snak.

To catch three Cheepoofs for Cromdo, use the nearby sleeping bag to rest and respawn a new Cheepoof. If you sleep until the evening and wake up during a full moon, you can even catch a rare White Cheepoof.

How to catch a Sweet Fryder (Fry with Me)

A Spuddy in Bugsnax
Fly high with a Spuddy
Image: Young Horses via Polygon

The next step for Cromdo is catching a Sweet Fryder up on a high ledge.

To get up there, you have to get the nearby Spuddy to knock you up onto the ledge. Simply stand with your back against the ledge and wait for the Spuddy to notice you. It’ll get angry, start making a steaming noise, and then it’ll slam into you. Once it hits you, it’ll knock you up to where the Sweet Fryder is, where you can capture it.

Where to get Big Bopsicles (Cold Feet)

Information about the Bopsicle in Bugsnax Image: Young Horses via Polygon

The last thing Cromdo needs from you is a Big Bopsicle, which you cannot catch in Scorched Gorge. So once you reach this quest step, continue playing the rest of the game until you unlock Sugarpine Woods.

You can find Bopsicles roaming the northern part of the snowy area, usually with Charmallows flying above them.

To catch Bopsicles, get close enough to them so they notice you. Then, as they charge you, move away at the last moment so that they run into a wall or tree. When they’re knocked over, you can capture them.

After completing these quests, Cromdo will open the bridge for you and head back to town. However, after you get him to return, the bridge breaks and you won’t be able to cross the bridge until you get Chandlo back to town. Once you do, head back to the bridge, and the buff villager will fix it up. Fixing the bridge is how you’ll get to Sizzlin’ Sands.

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