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Bugsnax guide: How to defeat and catch the Mama Mewon

It will protect its babies at all costs

The Mama Wemon in Bugsnax Image: Young Horses via Polygon

In your quest to help out your fellow villagers in Bugsnax, Chandlo will eventually ask you to capture a large creature. The monstrosity in question is the Mama Mewon, a large snak that resides in a cave in Flavor Falls.

In this Bugsnax guide, we’ll show how to defeat the Mama Mewon and help your friend Chandlo get stronger.

How to catch the Mama Mewon

The Mama Mewon boss fight happens in two stages. Both halves of the fight require the same strategy to defeat the large creature. This boss fight is also the only chance you get to catch a Wee Mewon and the Mama Mewon.

After a certain point in helping Chandlo with his side quests, he’ll offer up a challenge called “Thrown Down! that involves defeating a massive snak to help him bulk up. After accepting the mission, he’ll lead you into a circular cave in Flavor Falls.

The Mama Wemon in Bugsnax
When it sees you’ve got a Wee Mewon in a trap, it’ll rush over to break it
Image: Young Horses via Polygon

In this chamber, you’ll be surrounded by Wee Mewon, who bounce around the room and the large Mama Mewon.

If you lay a trap down in front of one of the breakable statues, you’ll see all the Wee Mewons flock to it. As they flop toward your trap and bounce around it, activate your Snak Trap to capture one, but don’t retrieve it.

Once the Mama Mewon sees one of its babies in a trap, it will become aggressive and will spin and dive toward the trap, breaking your device and the brittle statue behind it.

With a statute broken, the Mama Mewon will now occupy a space under one of the stalactites. At this point, use your Snakgrappler to hit the rock formation above the Mama Mewon. Do this three times and Mama Mewon will spout legs and will begin breaking all the statues. It will attack you, which will cause a cutscene where Chandlo tells you that he’ll distract the creature for you.

Chandlo will then grab a Wee Mewon and stand near a wall to distract the larger Bugsnak. When it rushes and hits Chandlo, it will temporarily knock itself out as it slams into your friend. Use your Snakgrappler again to drop a stalactite on the boss one last time. Doing this will shrink it down to a size small enough for you to capture.

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