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How to break Preying Picantises in Bugsnax

Blowing up the multipart Bugsnak during the “Legend of Shelda” quest

A Preying Picantis in Bugsnax Image: Young Horses via Polygon

One of the various quests you need to do for the mysterious Shelda requires you to “break” one of the Bugsnax. This is the first time you’re asked to do something like this, and it’s not immediately obvious how.

In this Bugsnax guide, we’ll show you the straightforward steps you need to take to split apart these “breakable” creatures.

How to break a Preying Picantis

To find a Preying Picantis, you first need to unlock Sizzlin’ Sands by returning Cromdo to the village by fixing his bridge.

To reach the desert area of the island, head over the bridge you’ve fixed in Scorched Gorge. There you’ll meet Shelda, who will ask you to do various tasks, one of which requires “breaking” a Preying Picantis.

When you scan and get the entry for a Preying Picantis, you’ll see it has the keyword “breakable” on it. Bugsnax of this type can be broken apart which turns them into different types of creatures in the process.

The Bugapdeia entry for the Preying Picantis in Bugsnax
This “breakable” Bugsnak is actually a few creatures rolled into one
Image: Young Horses via Polygon

If you want to break a Preying Picantis, your first instinct might be to lure it over to the Loaded Spuddy using some hot sauce or cheese. While the two creatures do fight with one another when next to each other, their brawling won’t break the creature.

To break a Preying Picantis, you must use the the pool of water in the middle of Sizzlin’ Sands.

To split apart the breakable snak, first get close enough for the Preying Picantis to notice you. Once it starts following you, lead it in the water. The moment it gets wet, a countdown will appear above its head. It will get aggressive and will attack you or any nearby Bugsnax.

Keep running away from it until the timer finishes counting down. Once it does, it will explode into multiple different Bugsnax. When it explodes, the snak is considered broken. Do this twice to complete the “Legend of Shelda” quest.

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