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Bugsnax guide: ‘Crack the Code’ quest steps

Help Eggabell enter the temple

Eggabell from Bugsnax Image: Young Horses via Polygon

During your quest to return every Grumpus to Snaxburg, you’ll eventually work toward returning the final two: Eggabell and Lizbert.

On your journey to find them both, you’ll run into Eggabell, who has figured out where their elusive partner might be. The only problem is that they can’t open the door that leads to their location. To find a solution, Eggabell will give you a quest to find four clues that will help you open a path to the missing Grumpus.

In this Bugsnax guide, we’ll show you the location to each of the missing pieces you’ll need to solve the “Crack the Code” quest.

Crack the Code clue locations

The key to opening the door on the top of Frosted Peak lies within the clues and leads you’ve been collecting to determine Lizbert’s whereabouts. Four of them are the key to opening the door.

Here’s where to find them:

Find Lizbert’s journal

While the quest step calls it a journal, it’s referring to the locked journal you get from Triffany once she returns to town. To open it, you need the Diary Key, which you receive after the interview you conduct with Gramble after you get them to return to town. Opening the diary gives you the clue “Half of a Code.”

Find the missing page

The missing page is on the far end of Boiling Bay. You can find the exact location by looking at the Boiling Bay Map that you get when you interview Cromdo after they return to town. Following the clue leads you to the “Other Half of the Code.”

Find Liz’s device notes

Get these notes from Wambus following their interview after they return to town.

Find notes on the mountain map

Once you conclude your interview with Wiggle, they will give you the Sugarpine Woods Map. Following the clues on the map will lead you to Video Diary #4.

After you find all four of these clues, head back to Frosted Peak and speak to Eggabell. From there, you two will be able to open the door.

Much later in the game, some of these clues and leads are essential to solving a quest called “Crack the Code.”

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