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Bugsnax guides, how to, and tips and tricks

Bugsnax guides and walkthroughs

How to capture ‘em all, return all the Grumpuses to town, and where to find Lizbert

In Bugsnax, it’s up to you to solve the mystery of the island’s missing residents. To do that, you must capture dozens of food-like creatures that inhabit the land. Polygon’s Bugsnax guides are here to help.

Getting started

When you first land on Snaktooth Island, you’ll start your quest by capturing your first three Bugsnax. That mission serves as a great introduction to the game’s mechanics, but there’s plenty more to discover in our Bugsnax beginner’s guide.

Bugsnax aren’t the only things you’ll keep track of during the entire game. To progress the story, you’ll also need to return every Grumpus back to town and find all the clues and leads to locate Lizbert.

Bugsnax capture guides

If you need help capturing critters, check out our guide on how to catch each of the Bugsnax. It covers every creature in the game.

You may also be stuck on particular missions that require catching snax. For instance, your first major challenge to catch Shiskabugs and Bungers might be tripping you up. Check out our quest walkthroughs, like the ones involving catching Popticks, cooling off Charmallows, or breaking the Preying Picantis, all of which can be challenging, too.

Boss guides

There are four optional boss fights in Bugsnax that require you to defeat and capture large beasts. Each of these encounters happen at the end of series of side quests for various characters. Check out our guides for how to defeat and capture Daddy Cakelegs, Mama Wemon, Megamaki, and Mothza Supreme.