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Bugsnax guide: How to defeat and catch the Megamaki

Help Wiggle get her groove back

Your last mission for Wiggle in Bugsnax, “Dance with the Dragon,” requires you to catch the Megamaki, a dragon-like Bugsnak in Boiling Bay.

After speaking with the songstress in Snaxburg about wrangling the creature, she’ll lead you to the far end of the beach to attempt to catch the beast. After a short song, the massive creature will appear.

In this Bugsnax guide, we’ll show you how to defeat and capture the Megamaki.

How to defeat and catch the Megamaki

When the Megamaki appears on the beach, it will summon several large pillars in the water. You’ll need to use those, along with your Trip Shot, to tackle the monstrous snak.

During the creature’s first phase of movement, it will swim between the pillars. Be sure to scan both the head and any part of the body to get Bugapedia entries for the Megamaki and the Minimaki.

After they are scanned, you’ll see the creature’s trajectory along the ocean floor. While it’s scurrying around, it will occasionally shoot large, orange fish eggs at you. Dodge those and make sure they don’t hit any of the pillars, as a direct hit from the eggs will knock them down.

A Megamaki from Bugsnax flies around a beach Image: Young Horses via Polygon

When finding an appropriate place to attach your Trip Shot, remember that it cannot be placed on uneven terrain like the sand in the ocean. You’ll need to place the device on either the nearby palm trees or the ship wreckage in the water. Place your tool on either of those solid objects and aim, fire, and attach the other end of the device onto one of the large pillars so it intersects with the monster’s path.

Once the Megamaki runs into your Trip Shot, it will break apart. You won’t be able to capture the head just yet, but you’ll have a few seconds to catch the Minimaki that are now running around the beach. You won’t be able to get them all in your first attempt, so don’t worry about that. Any Minimaki you don’t capture will rejoin the larger creature.

After you trip up the Megamaki for the first time, it will take to the skies for the remainder of the fight. You shouldn’t have to scan it again, so from this point forward, you’ll see its path along the skies as it dips and dives between the pillars.

You’ll keep repeating the process of attaching your Trip Shot to a nearby object and placing the other end on a pillar until you’re able to catch all the Minimaki. As with the first phase, dodge the flying fish eggs and make sure they don’t hit any of the pillars.

Once you’ve caught all of the Minimaki, the Megamaki will sit still in the water where you can walk up to it and catch it.

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