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Bugsnax guide: How to defeat and catch the Mothza Supreme

Help Cromdo in his biggest scheme yet

A statue in the desert in Bugsnax Image: Young Horses via Polygon

The last side quest you’ll do from Cromdo in Bugsnax, “A Slice of Heaven,” requires you to capture the giant flying pizza you saw at the very beginning of the game.

Speak to Cromdo back in Snaxburg, and he’ll lead you to Sizzlin’ Sands where the both of you will try to capture the flying beast. After examining a casket and the large temple at the end of the desert, you’ll try and summon the creature for a boss fight.

In this Bugsnax guide, we’ll show you how to summon the Mothza Supreme, defeat it, and capture it.

How to defeat and capture the Mothza Supreme

When you and Cromdo investigate the top of the temple, your pal will uncover a secret switch in a nearby statue that will unveil a hidden platform.

To open up the platform, head down the temple and near the statue with the giant pizza cutter above it. Shoot your Snakgrappler at the side of the statue, which will cause the statue’s giant pizza cutter to swing downward. This will break through the sarcophagus in front of it, revealing a Bombino. Take the little pizza roll-like Bugsnak to the mysterious platform on the top of the temple to blow it up, revealing a space where you can place your Lunchpad.

After dropping in the Lunchpad, you’ll summon the Mothza Supreme. To defeat it, you’ll need to hit it with Bombinos three times.

For your first hit, lead the flaming Bombinos to the nearby water so you can pick them up. Stand next to them, and they’ll follow you as you walk into the water.

Once they cool off, grab one and bring it to the Lunchpad on top of the temple. Aim your device at the Mothza Supreme, and fire the creature at it. Doing so will knock the pizza out of the sky and in front of one of the statues.

Once again, shoot your Snakgrappler at the side of the statue so it’ll cut the flying Bugsnak.

A small tornado and statue in a desert in Bugsnax
These tornados help and hinder you
Image: Young Horses via Polygon

During the second phase, the Mothza Supreme will summon small tornados, which will extinguish the flames from the nearby Bombinos. Grab another small snak, place it on the Lunchpad, fire it at the Mothza Supreme, and cut it down again using a nearby statue.

The final phase of combat takes a bit of luck. Now the Mothza Supreme will summon a large tornado wherever it stops. If you try to shoot a Bombino at it, the tornado will blast the smaller creature into the sky, keeping the monstrosity safe.

To hit the flying pizza one last time, you’ll need to gather up Bombinos and place them at the feet of the statue opposite of where the Mothza Supreme has stopped. When the flying creature makes its way around to where you placed the Bombinos, its large tornado should send the Bombinos flying up toward it, hitting the creature. When this happens, shoot the Snakgrappler at the statue one last time, hitting the large creature yet again. At this point, the Mothza Supreme will be cut up enough for you to grab.

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