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Bugsnax guide: How to defeat and capture the Daddy Cakelegs

Help Snorpy stop the seismic activiity

The Daddy Cakelegs in Bugsnax Image: Young Horses via Polygon

The final side quest you’ll take on for Snorpy in Bugsnax, “Cake Boss,” requires you to defeat and capture the Daddy Cakelegs in Frosted Peak.

Speak to Snorpy in Snaxburg, and they’ll ask to meet you at the snowy mountaintop. Once there, they’ll lead you into a cave where you’ll begin your boss battle.

In this Bugsnax guide, we’ll show you how to awaken the Daddy Cakelegs, then how to defeat and capture it.

How to defeat and capture Daddy Cakelegs

Once Snorpy leads you inside the cave at the base of the mountain, you’ll notice a birthday candle sticking out of a snow mound. Place your Trip Shot on top of the nearby flaming lantern, and then shoot a wire at the candle. Doing so will summon Daddy Cakelegs.

When the fight begins, the creature will summon several pillars of ice from the ground. Your goal is to light both of the birthday candles on the sides of its body. When you scan the large cake-like creature, you’ll see that it makes a circular path around the ice pillars.

A wire on fire in a snowy cave in Bugsnax
Light your Trip Shot on fire to defeat the Daddy Cakelegs
Image: Young Horses via Polygon

To light each candle, place your Trip Shot on the fiery lantern, and then shoot a wire across onto one of the ice pillars. The Trip Shot will create a fiery wire for the boss monster to run into. Depending on which side it approaches from, your device will ignite the candle on either the right or left side. Make sure to pay attention to which direction the Daddy Cakelegs will approach before you set up your flaming wire. If your flaming wire sticks to the ice pillar for too long, it will melt before the boss has time to run into it. If this happens, the boss monster will actually re-summon the melted pillar and you can try again.

After lighting the first candle, the creature will scream and recreate any missing ice pillars. Use the same tactic to light the other candle, just make sure you pay attention to which side the creature is approaching from before you set up your flaming trap.

After lighting both candles, the Daddy Cakelegs will break apart into smaller Bugsnax, called Baby Cakelegs. The boss monster will disappear after the little creatures begin scurrying about.

Follow the small Bugsnax out of the cave and around the mountain’s left side. There you’ll find another snow mound and a birthday candle. Repeat the steps from the first phase here, but this time, use the nearby campfire to light your Trip Shot ablaze.

After completing the second phase of the fight, the boss monster will yet again break into smaller Bugsnax. This time, follow the creatures along the right side of the mountain. In the final phase, all the steps are exactly the same, however the boss is now much faster and more aggressive. It may even slam into you before you can set up your traps.

As you set up your Trip Shot on the campfire here, the boss monster will run around erratically, even scaling the side of the mountain. To figure out where to place your Trip Shot, scan the boss so you can learn its movement pattern.

Light up the single candle on its head this time and the boss will melt and shrink in size. Once it’s small enough, you can walk up to it and capture it.

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