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Bugsnax guide: How to get each Grumpus back to Snaxburg

Beffica, Gramble, Wiggle, Triffany, Cromdo, Chandlo, Snorpy, Shelda, Floofty, and Eggabell

Lizbert from Bugsnax Image: Young Horses via Polygon
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To progress and beat Bugsnax, you’ll need to bring back the missing Grumpus to Snaxburg.

After Elizabert and Eggabell left, all the remaining villagers dispersed to different areas around the island. While you’ll get Filbo and Wambus back to Snaxburg soon after starting the game, you'll need to bring the remaining characters back after completing a set of quests.

Some Grumpus and areas are locked behind progression, but as you bring more Grumpus back, more areas will open up. If you can’t access a certain area yet, make sure you have the Grumpus from the previous area back in Snaxburg.

Beffica Winklesnoot

You’ll see Beffica in Garden Grove, but you won’t be able to convince her to come back with you on your first visit.

  1. Talk to Beffica.
  2. Get the Bugsnax journal, talk to Beffica, and open the journal.
  3. Scan six types of Bugsnax in Garden Grove.
  4. Scan and catch Beffica’s favorite Bugsnak. (To find this Bugsnak, look around Wambus’ old farm for the hot dog Bugsnak, Weenyworm. Catch it with the Snak Trap.)
  5. Spy on Wambus from 10 p.m. until 1 a.m. (You can sleep in a bed until midnight to do this quickly.)

Gramble Gigglefunny

Gramble is south of Snaxburg, in Simmering Springs.

  1. Talk to Grambus.
  2. Get the Buggy Ball through the obstacle course and pick it up.
  3. Find and catch three Orange Peelbugs. (You’ll need to use the Buggy Ball to push the Peelbugs out of their hiding spots, one being in a cave near Gramble’s camp, and others inside logs on the beach.)
  4. Lure two Kweebles back to Gramble without trapping them. (Cover the Buggy Ball in Chocolate Sauce and bait the Kweeble with it back to Gramble.)

Wiggle Wigglebottom

Wiggle also lives in Simmering Springs, on a small cliff by the beach.

  1. Feed Wiggle a Pineantula, and use it to change her hair. (Catch the Pineantula with the assistance of a Crapple, which will stun the Pineantula.)
  2. Catch and feed Wiggle a Green Grapeskeeto. (The Green Grapeskeeto can only be caught at night, once it feasts on another Bugsnak that you cover in Chocolate Sauce.)
  3. Catch and feed Wiggle two Popticks. (You’ll need to unlock Scorched Gorge to find and catch Popticks first, so you’ll need to come back after progressing more in the story. Once you find the Popticks, you can cover them in Hot Sauce, making the nearby Scorpenyo shoot fire at them, allowing you to catch them.)

Triffany Lottablog

Triffany is around the ruins in Scorched Gorge.

  1. Catch and feed Triffany three Ribblepedes. (Cover the Snak Trap in Hot Sauce to bait them down from the wall.)
  2. Bait the Spuddy into breaking the cracked wall nearby.
  3. Open another set of ruins on the other side of Scorched Gorge using Spuddy again. Using a Snak Trap, catch the Shy Weenyworm and feed it to Triffany.

Cromdo Face

Cromdo is up by the bridge on the cliff in Scorched Gorge. To get him back to Snaxburg, you need to complete his quest to fix the bridge.

  1. Aim the Lunchpad at the windmills and fire the nearby rocks at them.
  2. Catch and feed Cromdo three Cheepoofs. (Set up your Snak Trap on top of a Lunchpad and aim it at the flying Bugsnax to catch them.)
  3. Catch and feed a Sweet Fryder to Cromdo. (Use the Snak Trap and Lunchpad to catch the Sweet Fryder. Depending on your luck, the trapped Sweet Fryder may fall off the far-off cliff for you to pick up. If you’re having a hard time doing this, you can leave the area and come back later, as you’ll get a tool to make this easier.)
  4. Turn Cromdo’s feet into Big Bopsicles. (You’ll need to unlock Sugarpine Woods to get Big Bopsicles, so head back to town and talk to Filbo. Catching Big Bopsicles can be a challenge, as you need to soak them in nearby water and trip them using the Trip Shot to pick them up before they split.)

Chandlo Funkbun

Chandlo can be found by the cabin in Sugarpine Woods.

  1. Pick up Chandlo’s basketballs using the Snak Grappler, and put them into the basket.
  2. Catch and feed Chandlo the Cinnasnail on the cliff. (Use the Lunchpad with the Snak Trap on top to reach the Cinnasnail and use the Snak Grappler to grab the closed trap.)
  3. Catch and feed Chandlo two more Cinnasnails.
  4. Catch and feed Chandlo two Hunnabees. (You can use the Snak Trap and Lunchpad to get them, though keep in mind that they won’t actually catch in the trap. You’ll just use the trap to hit them out of the sky so you can collect it, stunned, with the net.)
  5. Convince Snorpy to head back to Snaxburg.

Snorpy Fizzlebean

Snorpy is inside the cabin in Sugarpine Woods.

  1. Talk to Snorpy once you finish feeding Hunnabees to Chandlo.
  2. Get the Trip Shot from the tower. (Fire the Trip Shot at the target to stun the Charmallow and escape the tower.)
  3. Turn Snorpy’s teeth into Kwookies. (Fire the Trip Shot along the Kwookie’s path to stun it and grab it with the net.)
  4. Catch and feed Snorpy two Charmallows. (Use the Trip Shot to knock the Charmallow out of the air and into water, allowing you to grab it with the net.)


Shelda is meditating in Sizzlin’ Sands, which you can access by fixing the bridge for Cromdo in Scorched Gorge.

  1. Talk to Shelda.
  2. Use the Snak Grappler to grab the Cheese Sauce off the out-of-reach cliff.
  3. Crack two Egglers by picking up the nearby eggs and having hostile Bugsnax attack them. (Spuddy and Preying Picantes will both work.)
  4. Break two Preying Picantes apart. (Get the Preying Picantes wet by luring them to the water. After the bomb timer goes off, they’ll explode into smaller Bugsnax.)
  5. Open the ruins by spraying the cracked ground with Hot Sauce, baiting the Buffalocust down to it, breaking it open.
  6. Use the Buggy Ball covered in Chocolate Sauce to bait the Black Razzby out of the ruins.

Floofty Fizzlebean

Floofy is hanging out in a broken boat in Boiling Bay, which you can get to by crossing through Simmering Springs.

  1. Turn Floofty’s left foot into a Strabby. (You won’t have to catch another Strabby for this. They will provide you with one.)
  2. Talk to Floofty in Boiling Bay.
  3. Turn Floofty’s hand into a Red Banopper. (Fire the Trip Shot across the Red Banopper’s path. Grab the Red Banopper with the net once it’s stunned.)
  4. Turn Floofty’s hand into a Strabby.
  5. Turn Floofty’s peg leg into a Strabby.
  6. Turn Floofty’s limbs into Cocomites. (Use the Snak Grabber to hit a tree with the three line marks on it. When the coconut falls, drop it in lava. Set up the Snak Trap and bait the Cocomite into it, as it will chase you.)
  7. Turn Floofty into a Noodler, Cocomite, Red Banopper, and a Strabby. (Cover the Buggy Ball in Hot Sauce or Cheese Sauce and bait the Noodler to follow it into the ocean. Once the flames are out, trap it using the Snak Trap. A La Sodieux may also help extinguish the flames on the Noodler.)

Eggabell Batternugget

Eggabell is inside the mountain in Frosted Peak, which is past Sugarpine Woods.

  1. Talk to Eggabell in the Frosted Peak cavern.
  2. Follow Eggabell to her igloo along the side of Frosted Peak.
  3. Complete the “Crack the Code” quest, which requires you to find Lizbert’s journal, the missing page, Liz’s device notes, and the mountain map. (Lizbert’s journal comes from Triffany, the missing page is found on the Boiling Bay beach, Liz’s device notes come from Wambus, and the mountain map notes come from Wiggle.)
  4. Activate three bug statues. (You’ll need to catch three of the following: Flutterjam, Scoopy, Chippie, Stewdler, Mt. Sodie, or Chillynilly. Eggabell with fill in the remaining three you don’t pick.)
  5. Go talk to Filbo.

Eggabell will not return to Snaxburg in the same way that the other Grumpus do, but this will complete her quest line.

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