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How to catch all Bugsnax in Flavor Falls

Caramel Popticks, Sandopedes, Pinkles, and more

Text that reads “Flavor Falls” with lots of flowers and rocks behind it Image: Young Horses via Polygon

Flavor Falls is the first area you encounter in Bugsnax, though it won’t be teeming with critters until you revisit the area later.

On your first visit, you’ll only see Strabby, Rootle, and Green Lollive, though you can’t even catch them all yet. You’ll have to return with the Lunchpad and the Trip Shot to collect all of the creatures.

Flavor Falls also hosts a boss monster, Mama Mewon, which you won’t be able to access until you do Chandlo’s side quests.

Strabby (all day): Carefully place the Snak Trap along a Strabby’s path. If it hides in a nearby bush, back up and wait for it to come back out.

Pinkle (all day): Place the Snak Trap on a Pinkle’s path and then use the Snak Grappler to take the jar off the Pinkle. Toss the jar away from the Pinkle and wait for it to run into the Snak Trap.

Rootle (6 p.m. - 4 a.m.): Place the Snak Trap along the Rootle’s path.

White Rootle (6 a.m. - 4 p.m.): Place the Snak Trap along the White Rootle’s path.

Green Lollive (all day): Place the Lunchpad nearby and aim it at the Green Lollive. Put the Snak Trap on top of the Lunchpad and fire it at the Green Lollive.

Inchwrap (all day): Place the Snak Trap around the Inchwrap, though you’ll need to make sure it’s far enough that the Inchwrap doesn’t dig and knock it away.

Sandopede (all day): Use the Trip Shot to trip the Sandopede.

Sub Sandopede (all day): Use the Trip Shot to trip the Sandopede. The middle pieces will be Sub Sandopedes.

Ruby Peelbug (all day): Send the Buggy Ball into the round openings and follow the indicator to figure out where the exit is. Place the Snak Trap at the exit. You may need to crouch to successfully send the Buggy Ball through the hole.

Caramel Poptick (rain only): Place the Snak Trap on the land, not in the water and wait for the Caramel Poptick to jump into the trap.

Twisty Snakpod (all day): Use the net to grab it, since it won’t run away. If it’s out of reach, use the Snak Grappler.

Wee Mewon (Mama Mewon boss fight): Place your Snak Trap down and the Wee Mewon’s will flock to it.

Mama Mewon (Mama Meown boss fight): Defeat the Mama Mewon during its boss encounter and catch it with your Snak Trap.

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