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How to catch every Bugsnax in Sizzlin’ Sands

Preying Picantis, Egglers, Flapjackaraks, and more

Text that reads “Sizzlin’ Sands” over an entrance to a desert, complete with cacti Image: Young Horses via Polygon

Sizzlin’ Sands is the hot desert area in Bugsnax, filled with spicy and fiery creatures. It’s only accessible after finishing the bridge in the Scorched Gorge.

Many of the creatures here will require water to douse their flames. You can do this using the Buggy Ball covered in the Bugsnax’s favorite sauce.

There is also a boss Bugsnak here, the Mothza Supreme, which you can see flying around the map. However, you won’t be able to actually engage with it until you do Cromdo’s side quests.

Tacroach (all day): Bait a Preying Picantis to the water using the Buggy Ball covered in Hot Sauce to put out the flames. After seething for a couple moments, it will explode into multiple Tacroaches. These can be caught by setting up the Snak Trap and luring it in with Cheese or Hot Sauce.

Preying Picantis (all day): Use the Trip Shot to stun the Preying Picantis near the water. The nearby Sodie D will douse the flames, allowing you to catch it with the net.

Black Lollive (all day): Place the Lunchpad nearby and aim it at the Green Lollive. Put the Snak Trap on top of the Lunchpad and fire it at the Black Lollive.

Loaded Spuddy (all day): Bait two Loaded Spuddys into each other. They’ll knock each other out, allowing you to catch them with the net.

Buffalocust (all day): Use the Buggy Ball covered in Hot Sauce or Ranch to bait the Buffalocrust to the water to put out the flames. The Sodie D in the water will help put them out. Once they’re out, the Buffalocrust will be stunned, allowing you to pick it up with the net.

Eggler (all day): Break one of the eggs around the map using a charging Loaded Spuddy. Place the Snap Trap carefully on the newly hatched Eggler’s path. If it runs into a nearby bush, back away and it will come back out.

Flapjackarak (5 a.m. - 6 p.m.): Set up the Trip Shot along the Flapjackarak’s path. This will stun the Flapjackarak as it crosses the line, allowing you just pick it up with the net.

Scorpepper (all day): Bait the Scorpepper to the water using the Buggy Ball covered in Cheese Sauce. The Sodie D will put out the Scorpepper’s flames, allowing you to catch it with the net.

Incherrito (all day): Place the Snak Trap on the stone platforms along the Incherrito’s path.

Black Razzby (all day): Open the ruins by spraying Ranch or Hot Sauce on the cracked opening in the ground near the temple. The nearby Buffalocust will bomb into it, blowing it open. Inside, lead the Black Razzby to the exit using the Buggy Ball covered in Chocolate Sauce. Once outside of the ruin, you’ll need to carefully place the Snak Trap in the Black Razzby’s path. If it runs into a bush, back away and it will re-emerge.

Sodie D (all day): Place the Snap Trap along the Sodie D’s path.

Cheezer (all day): Use the Trip Shot to stun the Cheezer and pick it up with your net.

Meaty Snakpod (all day): Use the net to grab it, since it won’t run away. If it’s out of reach, use the Snak Grappler.

Bombino (Mothza Supreme boss fight): Use the net on the knocked out Bombinos as you fight Mothza Supreme.

Mothza Supreme (Mothza Supreme boss fight): Place the Bombinos on top of the Lunchpad, firing them at Mothza Supreme. Once it falls down, use the Trip Shot on the sides of the statues to force the pizza cutters down on Mothza Supreme. Once the tornados start appearing, preemptively start placing Bombinos at the base of the statues as Mothza Supreme moves, so the tornadoes will launch the Bombinos at it.

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