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How to catch every Bugsnax in Frosted Peak

Scoopy Banoopy, Instabug, Flutterjam, and more

Test that says “Frosted Peak” over a snowy mountain top with a small frozen lake in the center Image: Young Horses via Polygon

Frosted Peak is the last unlocked area in Bugsnax, and it’s the home to many icy critters.

Here, you’ll have to use all of the tools you’ve collected along the way to catch all of these Bugsnax. Most of them are too icy to touch, so you’ll need to use the Trip Shot combined with fire to make them catchable.

Frosted Peak also has a boss Bugsnak to fight, but it will only appear as you complete Snorpy’s side quests.

The Banopper, Scoopy, and Cheery all require a Scoopy Banoopy to break apart before they appear. You can do this by running into fire and charging at the Scoopy Banoopy, setting it ablaze.

Banopper (all day): Fire the Trip Shot across the Banopper’s path. Grab the Banopper with the net once it’s stunned.

Scoopy (all day): Use the Buggy Ball to bring fire over to the Scoopy. This will stun it while it jumps out to shoot ice at you, allowing you to pick it up with the net.

Cheery (all day): Place the Snak Trap outside of the bush, along the Cheery’s path. Wait for the Cheery to come out and close the trap.

Scoopy Banoopy (all day): Place the Trip Shot on a fire source and fire it to trip the Scoopy Banoopy on its path. Use the net to pick it up once it’s stunned.

Aggroll (all day): Set the Trip Shot on the flame pillars and fire it at the ice containing the Aggroll. Set up the Snak Trap along the Aggroll’s path and use the Snak Grappler to pull the carton off the Aggrol’s head. Close the trap on the Aggroll when it’s uncovered.

Chippie (all day): Use the Trip Shot to stun the Chippie as it runs around and pick it up with the net.

Chillynilly (4 p.m. - 4 a.m.): Place the Trip Shot on a fire source and shoot it at the Chillynilly to stun it. Use the net to catch it once it’s stunned.

Flutterjam (4 a.m. - 4 p.m.): Hit the Flutterjam with Peanut Butter to stun it. Grab it with the net once it’s stunned.

Mt Sodie (all day): Place the Snak Trap off the ice but near the water. Bait the Mt Sodie to come out of the water by shooting Chocolate Sauce, Hot Sauce, or Peanut Butter on an object. Trap it once it gets close.

Stewdler (all day): Bait the Stewdler to the water using the Buggy Ball covered in Hot Sauce. The Mt Sodie will spray it with water, stunning it and allowing you to pick it up with the net.

Melty Snakpod (all day): Use the net to grab it, since it won’t run away. If it’s out of reach, use the Snak Grappler.

Instabug (all day): Set up the Snak Trap outside of the bush with Instabug in it. Use your camera to bait it out into the trap.

Baby Cakelegs (Daddy Cakelegs boss fight): Use the Snak Trap to grab the scurrying Baby Cakelegs.

Daddy Cakelegs (Daddy Cakelegs boss fight): Place the Trip Shot on fire and shoot it to light the candles on the Daddy Cakelegs.

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