Do a Powerbomb creator Daniel Warren Johnson illustrates the scary future of corporate consolidation

As part of Polygon’s The Next 10 special issue, where we’re looking at the future of the things we cover, we reached out to some of our favorite artists and asked them to envision what games and entertainment will look like in 10 years. Here, comic writer/illustrator Daniel Warren Johnson (Do a Powerbomb, Murder Falcon, Extremity) shows the dark side of consolidation with an illustration he calls Content Killers.

“In the future, corporations have not only gained a monopoly on food, goods, and medical care, but story as well,” he says. “Art is gone. Content is the new king, commodified to not change lives, but to lift the bottom line. Honesty in fiction is a thing of the past. But in small corners of the world, there are storytellers still out there, sketching, drawing, writing, creating. Comics have been, and always will be, the great equalizer.”

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