Ikaruga artist Yasushi Suzuki illustrates a game from the future with hints of the past

As part of Polygon’s The Next 10 special issue, where we’re looking at the future of the things we cover, we reached out to some of our favorite artists and asked them to envision what games and entertainment will look like in 10 years. Here, illustrator/art director Yasushi Suzuki (Ikaruga, Sin and Punishment, Xenoblade Chronicles 2) imagines a game of the future in an image he calls Train your fingers; train your mind!

Taking inspiration for the name from the slogan of an old arcade in Shibuya, he anticipates that in 10 years he’ll be playing games from the past as much as he’ll be playing games from the future. “The future of gaming in 10 years…? I can’t say I know,” he says. “As for my picture, please imagine it’s an interesting game!”

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