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Warzone’s season 5 teaser shows Stadium destroyed by a nuclear blast

Are we finally getting a map change in Call of Duty’s battle royale?

Several players deposit their money in Call of Duty: Warzone’s Plunder mode Image: Infinity Ward/Activison
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Call of Duty: Warzone’s new season hasn’t officially been announced yet, but a few teaser trailers are already making some big promises. We’ve already seen the inside of Stadium, a nuclear blast, and a new train in the first round of teasers.

One of the earliest teasers came by way of streamer and YouTuber Nickmercs’ who showed off a very short video clip during a livestream. The clip is a grainy video shot from what appears to be the front of a train; a helicopter flies in from the front left of the screen, then a train whistle blares in the background. While this teaser doesn’t include much concrete info, it seems possible that it could indicate that Infinity Ward will add a train to the Warzone map in the upcoming season.

The next clip, which streamer Tyler Polchow played on stream, shows a security video that appears to be from the inside of Stadium. Of course, most Warzone players will know that, as of right now, there’s no such thing as the inside of Stadium, as the giant arena has always been closed.

But an open arena isn’t the only teaser in this clip, there’s also a massive nuclear blast. After the blast goes off the security camera feed shuts off, which leaves us with quite a few questions. The blast could be a hint at a new feature coming to Warzone — similar to Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer nuke — or it could be a tease of a map altering event that destroys part of Verdansk.

If the map, or even just a few cities, actually does get destroyed it would represent the first real changes to the Warzone map since the game was released earlier this year.

Both of the teasers are marked with the date Aug. 5, which could be pointing to an in-game event for players to attend. Each clip also has a unique time signature with the train appearing to happen at 10:46 and the Stadium clip happens at 11:05 — though there’s no way to determine what time zone the game is set in.

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