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Call of Duty: Warzone’s new patch fixes Verdansk ’84 exploits, nerfs rifles

Hopefully this stops players from leaving the map

Two Call of Duty: Warzone players in a gunfight Image: Treyarch/Activision
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With Call of Duty: Warzone’s new patch, developer Raven Software hopes to keep players from glitching their way out of the new Verdansk ’84 map. The patch fixes some of the exploits players were using to reach out-of-bounds areas, but also brings a few weapon balance changes, including nerfs to some assault rifles.

Warzone’s maps, particularly Verdnask, have had problems with bugs and exploits since the game was first released last year. However, after 12 months of work, most of the original map’s most glaring bugs had been ironed out. With the new map, it seems that many of these problems had reappeared. But after two full rounds of patches, Raven has hopefully eliminated the most obvious exploits.

On the other end of the patch, Raven has also taken aim at some of Warzone’s currently overpowered weapons. In this case, the developer nerfed the CR-56 AMAX, the FARA 83, and the Streetsweeper shotgun. Meanwhile, the Bullfrog submachine gun got some changes that should be about a net-even trade, and the PPSh-41 got some big buffs to help it feel viable.

Raven also left a note for players in the weapon balance section explaining some of its intentions when it comes to balance. The developer said that there will always be weapons that are outliers — some that are stronger than others — but its major goal is to make sure that nothing is too dominant and that no weapons feel completely useless. Once the developer feels that it’s reached that place for the game, the note says that raising time-to-kill will be the next item on the agenda.

For a look at all of the changes coming to Warzone in its latest patch you can check out the full patch notes.

Call of Duty: Warzone May 7 patch notes


Loot that spawns across both Verdansk and Rebirth Island has been adjusted as follows...

  • Streetsweeper
    Common variant removed from ground loot
    Uncommon variant removed from ground loot
    Rare variant removed from Supply Boxes
    Epic variant removed from Supply Boxes
  • Hauer 77
    Common variant added to ground loot
    Uncommon variant added to ground loot
    Rare variant added to Supply Boxes

The Streetsweeper’s wide availability fostered a dynamic where passive play was incentivized and rewarded. We do not think this type of play is particularly compelling for either party when players do not have the necessary tools in the early-game to effectively counter it.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed additional map locations in Verdansk that allowed players to reach out-of-bounds areas. This is on top of the locations that we addressed last week.
  • Fixed a bug causing Player models to initially load as low resolution at the start of a BR match.
  • Fixed a bug with the Cold War AK-47, FARA 83, XM4, and RPD where they were having their ADS Move Speed and Firing Move Speeds decreased with the Tactical and SAS Combat/Spetsnaz Stocks rather than increased.


Assault Rifles

  • CR-56 AMAX
    Minimum Damage decreased from 32 to 31 (Warzone Only)

With a great damage profile, locational multipliers, and manageable recoil, the CR-56 AMAX was able to reliably reach extreme TTKs at long-range. This change reduces its fastest minimum damage TTK by about 17% in addition to its slowest minimum damage TTK by an additional shot. Its fastest maximum damage TTK however, remains intact—which is a risk we feel is equal to the reward considering how unforgiving its rate of fire is and how many other weapons it has to contest with in the mid-range engagement space. The CR-56 AMAX is just a tad more dominant than we would like it to be and with this change, our aim is to widen the selection of viable long-range assault rifles.

  • FARA 83
    Headshot Multiplier decreased from 1.5 to 1.35
    Base ADS Move Speed decreased by 7%

When combined with a mobility-based stock, the FARA 83 was capable of reaching exceedingly fast ADS firing speeds. We like how the FARA 83 plays, but it is a bit too versatile currently. As part of our efforts to increase the overall Time to Kill, we are reducing the FARA 83’s fastest TTK by 16.6% to compensate for its generous rate of fire and recoil control.


  • Streetsweeper
    Base Hip Spread increased
    Recoil increased slightly
    ADS speed reduced slightly

While shotguns tend to have limited viability outside of early game, we find the Streetsweeper is a tad too effective given its rate of fire and ammo capacity when compared to other weapons of its class. This change will decrease its lethal range slightly, punish inaccurate sustained fire, and give a little more time to react.

Submachine Guns

  • Bullfrog
    Maximum Damage decreased from 34 to 32
    Maximum Damage Range increased by 11%
    Base Move Speed increased by 1%
    Sprint Out Speed increased by 13%

The Bullfrog’s exceptional headshot multiplier has allowed it to reach one of the fastest TTKs in the game. While this change does not directly affect that multiplier, it does diminish its output. This change reduces the Bullfrog’s ability to consistently achieve extreme TTKs, while not removing it entirely. We felt it was too easy to consistently reduce the TTK to these ranges, so we are asking for a bit more accuracy in exchange for the Bullfrog’s attractive stat line. We are hesitant to label this an outright ‘nerf’ as we believe there is more value to a weapon than its damage alone.

  • PPSh-41
    Maximum Damage Range increased by 4%
    Open Bolt Delay decreased by 80%

We would like to push SMGs in different and interesting directions to distinguish them from one another. Ideally, we are providing a myriad of options within each weapon category that are supplementary to a multitude of diverse playstyles. In that vein, we are going to push the PPSh-41’s identity in a way that continues to diversify it from its competition in meaningful ways. To us, the PPSh-41 is the quick to fire, high-capacity, short-to-mid range SMG. Not every weapon needs to have the highest TTK potential, but every weapon should at least feel viable and have a niche where it excels given a complementary playstyle.

Weapon balance

We would like to preface the following Weapon changes by providing you with some insight on our thought process.

There are millions of you, and when we reduce the effectiveness of a weapon, we are bound to make a change to someone’s favorite gun. As players of this game ourselves, it pains us just as much. However, we remain torn. We are the custodians of this game—we make it for you. In the same light, we are charged with maintaining the health and integrity of the game. In some instances, this requires us to reduce the effectiveness of some universally cherished weapons. When we make a change like this, our intent is the promotion of diversity. We believe what makes a game truly engaging is choice. When we diminish that choice, we take away the agency to play the game your way. This can happen when a weapon becomes so effective that simply not utilizing it puts you at a disadvantage.

With that being said, we feel we are close to a ‘balance homeostasis’ where most options are at the very least viable. Which leaves us to address Time to Kill. The following balance changes are part of our ongoing efforts to raise TTK or at least the individual skill required to reach extreme ones. We ask that you consider these changes not as targeted attacks, but rather as part of a larger initiative to raise the skill ceiling.

We want to give you the runway and the platform to show us your epic plays and proudest moments. We hope that journey of mastery brings you as much enjoyment as it does us.



  • Combat Recon (Snipers)
    Bullet Velocity multiplier increased by 12%
    ADS Idle Sway multiplier decreased by 33.3%

As we continue assess the place of Cold War snipers within Warzone, we realize there is much work to be done. In addition to improving the overall efficacy of these weapons and attachments, we will also be taking a close look at their optics. This includes addressing attachment pros where there are few, if any, use cases. In specific... we may see a Cold War equivalent to an immensely popular Modern Warfare sniper attachment very soon.


  • Axial Arms 3x (Cold War AK-47)
    Optic behavior improved


  • Raider/KGB Skeletal Stock (Assault Rifles, Light Machine Guns, Shotguns, Snipers)
    ADS Firing Speed multiplier decreased by 75%
    ADS Move Speed multiplier decreased by 10%
  • Raider/KGB Skeletal Stock (Submachine Guns)
    ADS Firing Speed multiplier decreased by 50%
    ADS Move Speed multiplier decreased by 10%
  • SAS Combat/Spetsnaz Stock (Assault Rifles, Light Machine Guns, Shotguns, Snipers)
    ADS Firing Speed multiplier decreased by 75%
    ADS Move Speed multiplier decreased by 10%
  • SAS Combat/Spetsnaz Stock (Submachine Guns)
    ADS Firing Speed multiplier decreased by 50%
    ADS Move Speed multiplier decreased by 10%
  • Tactical Stock (Assault Rifles, Light Machine Guns, Shotguns, Snipers)
    ADS Move Speed multiplier decreased by 75%
  • Tactical Stock (Submachine Guns)
    ADS Move Speed multiplier decreased by 50%

It is crucial to maintain an engagement space where each weapon type can excel, lest we risk guns becoming analogous. In that regard, some weapon types were able to elude mobility as a core weakness given the right attachments. We believe this is in part why assault rifles have been able to assume the role of submachine guns. While it is a priority for us to maintain and embrace gameplay differences between Modern Warfare and Cold War guns, we felt movement speed modifiers in their current state would undermine gameplay integrity and overall weapon diversity if left unchecked. These stocks are still a solid choice, even with such a substantial reduction—which we believe speaks to just how strong they were.

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