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Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker ‘Uptown Downtown’ (Bonus 3) guide

Bonus 3 Super Gem locations and Bonus Challenge

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“Uptown Downtown” is the third of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker’s bonus levels, which unlock after you’ve completed every other level (or by using one of the wedding-themed amiibo from Super Mario Odyssey).

Just like the other levels, Bonus levels have three Super Gems and one Power Star (or Power Moon, in the Super Mario Odyssey-themed bonus levels). Each also has a Bonus Challenge to complete.

It’s possible to complete this Bonus Challenge while collecting the Super Gems in “Uptown Downtown.” Below, you’ll find a step-by-step guide to help you collect everything. You can follow along step-by-step from the beginning, or our helpful section titles and images will let you jump straight to any area you’re struggling with.

Super Gem 1

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker ‘Uptown Downtown’ (Bonus 3) <span data-author="-1">Super Gem 1 </span> Nintendo
  1. Hop into the cannon and launch yourself into the main area of this world.
  2. Once you land, head straight up the street you’re on to the building with an open door — it’s the one that looks like New Donk City Hall. The blue toad inside will give you Super Gem 1.

Super Gem 2

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker ‘Uptown Downtown’ (Bonus 3) <span data-author="-1">Super Gem 2</span> Nintendo
  1. Head into the apartment building on the west side of the map — the one over by the taxi. Loop through the building and climb the fire escape to the roof.
  2. Avoid the Hammer Bro and run across the roof until you can drop off of onto the suspended beam. Stay on the end closest to the building until the beam tips up, and you can sprint into the New Donk City Hall’s upper floors.
  3. Loop through the building and into the suspended cage. Use the next two beams and the other cage to get you across the city, then drop onto to the ledge around the third building — the one with the heliport on the roof and the only building you haven’t been to yet.
  4. Run around to the back of the building and drop to the ground.
  5. Move the manhole cover out of the way and drop down in.
  6. Avoid the Piranha Creepers as you make your way all the way to the left. (You’ll pass the next Super Gem on your way.) Eventually, you’ll come to a room with two Creepers and a switch.
  7. Dodge the Creepers (or interact with them to send them backwards) and throw the switch. Use the ledges to the left and right of the switch to drop onto the Piranha Creepers’ heads. This will make your trip out safer and is a requirement for the Bonus Challenge.
  8. Head back the way you came. Around the first corner, the elevator platforms are now active. Ride them up to the ledge above you.
  9. Drop off the ledge onto the head of the Piranha Creeper and collect Super Gem 2.

Super Gem 3

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker ‘Uptown Downtown’ (Bonus 3) <span data-author="-1">Super Gem 3</span> Nintendo
  1. From Super Gem 2, continue right until you find a green pipe that will carry you back topside.
  2. Ride the nearby platform up to the helipad. Walk out onto the now-moving cage, then head back across the suspended beams.
  3. Climb into the cage that’s riding up and down the City Hall. At the top, run into the hallway into the building. At the back of the building, you’ll find a Golden Mushroom. This one isn’t part of the Bonus Challenge, but it’s still worth 50 coins.
  4. Step out of the hallway onto the top of the cage and ride it up to the balcony running around the building. Around the back of the building, you’ll find a ladder leading farther up.
  5. At the very top of the building, you’ll find Super Gem 3.

Power Moon

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker ‘Uptown Downtown’ (Bonus 3) <span data-author="-1">Super Gem </span>power moon Nintendo
  1. From the top of the City Hall building, head back across town to the helipad — you can go across the beams or along the street and up the ramp that fell your first time here.
  2. From the helipad, ride the cage until it’s above the park and you can drop down. The Pluck Patch on its own is a Super Pickax. Pull the pickax and earn as many coins as you can before you collect the Power Moon.

Bonus Challenge

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker ‘Uptown Downtown’ (Bonus 3) <span data-author="-1">Bonus Challenge</span> Nintendo

The Bonus Challenge for this level is to defeat all of the enemies. There are the two Hammer Bros on the street level and four Piranha Creepers in the sewer.

  • Take out two of the Piranha Creepers in the room with the switch. Use the conveniently located ledges above them and drop onto their heads.
  • You’ll take out the third Creeper when you collect Super Gem 2.
  • The final Creeper might take a couple of tries. You’ll have to drop onto its head from the elevator platform that carries you up to the exit pipe.
  • The Hammer Bro around City Hall will likely jump to the balcony directly below Super Gem 3 if you wait there for a few seconds. Drop onto his head to take him out.
  • You can either maneuver around the final Hammer Bro until you can drop onto him, or use the Super Pickax from the park chase him down.

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