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Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker ‘Spinwheel Bullet Bill Base’ (Episode 1-9) guide

Episode 1-9 Super Gem locations, Bonus Challenge, and Pixel Toad location

Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

“Spinwheel Bullet Bill Base” is the ninth level of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker’s first episode. Every level has three Super Gems and one Power Star. Each also has a Bonus Challenge to complete.

It’s possible to complete this level’s Bonus Challenge while collecting the Super Gems in “Spinwheel Bullet Bill Base.” Below, you’ll find a step-by-step guide to help you collect everything. You can follow along step-by-step from the beginning, or our helpful section titles and images will let you jump straight to any area you’re struggling with.

Super Gem 1

  1. From the beginning of the level, follow the path around to the right and to the first Spinwheel.
  2. Spin the stairs ahead of you once clockwise to reveal Super Gem 1.

Super Gem 2

  1. Keep spinning the stairs until you can climb up. Time your run past the Flaptor to also avoid the Bullet Bills.
  2. Run around the corner to the Spinwheel and turn the cannons to face back toward the beginning of the level.
  3. Hold the cannons there until the Bills destroy the brick blocks on the pillar in the center of the level.
  4. Keep spinning the wheel so the Bills destroy the two brick blocks walling off the next gem.
  5. Turn the wheel so the Bullet Bills are firing off into space. Run along the back side of the cannons and collect Super Gem 2.

Super Gem 3

  1. Backtrack to the first Spinwheel. Turn the stairs toward the middle of the level until you can climb up them to the pillar you cleared above.
  2. Drop down into the area where the Flaptors are circling, then dodge them as you head for the low, T-shaped walkway.
  3. Dodge the Bullet Bills and run over to the next Spinwheeel. Use the Bullet Bills to destroy at least one of the brick blocks on the moving platform nearby.
  4. Turn the T-shaped walkways so the stairs are on the left (opposite of what we did in the picture above).
  5. Ride the platform across to the edge of the level and grab Super Gem 3 from the corner.

Golden Mushroom and Bonus Challenge

  1. Run back across the T-shaped bridge and run through the door in the stairway.
  2. Continue up to the final Spinwheel. Turn it so the starting section of the level rotates clockwise once.
  3. The Golden Mushroom will come into view. Collect to complete the Bonus Challenge.

Power Star


Turn the final Spinwheel clockwise one more time to reveal a path to the Power Star.

Pixel Toad


Head around the corner from the beginning of the level over to the stairs where you collected Super Gem 1. Look past the middle of the level and watch for Pixel Toad jumping back and forth just off the far edge.

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