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Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker ‘Piranha Creeper Cove’ (Episode 1-11) guide

Episode 1-11 Super Gem locations, Bonus Challenge, and Pixel Toad location


“Piranha Creeper Cove” is the 11th level of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker’s first episode. Every level has three Super Gems and one Power Star. Each also has a Bonus Challenge to complete.

It’s possible to complete this level’s Bonus Challenge while collecting the Super Gems in “Piranha Creeper Cove.” Below, you’ll find a step-by-step guide to help you collect everything. You can follow along step-by-step from the beginning, or our helpful section titles and images will let you jump straight to any area you’re struggling with.

Super Gem 1

  1. Run alongside the upside-down boat toward the Piranha Creeper.
  2. There’s a tunnel directly in front of it. Head inside and turn left to pick up Super Gem 1.

Super Gem 2

  1. Head back toward the beginning area. Run up the ramp along the edge of the level.
  2. Dodge the Piranha Creeper and Piranha Sprout, then duck through the archway into the tunnel behind.
  3. Drop into the water at the end of the tunnel, then wait for the Piranha Creeper to retract all the way.
  4. Run ahead of the Creeper all the way to the right to collect Super Gem 2.

Super Gem 3

  1. Backtrack past the Creeper again, then continue around the level. You’ll eventually come back up topside next to the overturned boat.
  2. Climb the ladder and cross the wooden bridge. When the bridge falls, descend the bridge/ramp. The Pluck Patch at the bottom hides Super Gem 3.

Bonus Challenge


The Bonus Challenge is to collect 70 coins. Make sure to check around for invisible coins (like in the water where you start or under the overturned boat). Make sure to pick up the pile of coins at the end of the canyon where you picked up Super Gem 1. Use anything you can — like pulled-up Piranha Sprouts — to take out Creepers and earn a couple extra coins. There are also a bunch of invisible coins to the left of the Power Star.

Power Star

  1. Head up to the top of the bridge/ramp.
  2. Dodge the Piranha Sprout (if you haven’t taken it out already) and grab the Power Star.

Pixel Toad


At the start of the level, spin the camera to the right (orbit the camera counterclockwise). Pixel Toad is on a coconut at the top of the tree in the corner (next to the rowboat).

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