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A Century of Disney

The Walt Disney Company turns 100 in 2023. Look back at its best animated movies with our anniversary series, A Century of Disney.

Cinderella’s 4K restoration team says her colors have been all wrong for decades

Disney’s hottest animated animal characters, ranked

Disney’s animated book-to-film adaptations, ranked by faithfulness to the source

Disney’s weirdest villain lived and died as a pipe organ

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Walt Disney is the ultimate problematic fave

Disney made their founder into an icon, while critics made him into a Nazi — but the truth is more complex

Ariel was always a role model, but the live-action Little Mermaid makes her stronger

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Walt Disney cheated his animators out of profits — and their strike changed the world

The Disney animators’ strike of 1941 was a game-changer for animation — and it paved the way for the WGA strike

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Disney’s Robin Hood is still a life-changing furry phenomenon

Here’s why it’s such a beloved standard, even with many more anthropomorphic animal movies out there

Disney Princesses, ranked by how well they’d survive the real world

9 of the weirdest, most persistent Disney conspiracy theories

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101 things that must be said about 101 Dalmatians

Walt Disney may have hated it, but like Cruella de Vil, he was wrong

Disney’s Sleeping Beauty takes a lot of flak — but its critics are reading it all wrong

Frozen didn’t start the gripes about Disney faces — it’s been an issue for 70 years

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Disney may never live down Song of the South — or its attempted do-over

Splash Mountain’s closure is just the most recent attempt to rewrite Disney history

Disney’s largely forgotten wartime shorts, ranked

Donald Duck hit peak popularity during his horny era