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Disney’s hottest animated animal characters, ranked

And the scientific explanation for thinking they’re sexy

Nala, a lioness in Disney’s animated movie The Lion King, lies back on a bed of grass with an unmistakable come-hither look Image: Walt Disney Animation Studios

Before the Disney edition of “Would You Rather?” became a TikTok fad, it was one of my favorite games to play with my theater-nerd friends. We ranked the typical Disney princes and princesses as potential suitors — Flynn Rider, Jasmine, Aladdin, Esmeralda, etc. But every so often, an animal snuck into our rankings, too, because Disney’s anthropomorphic animals are designed to be as attractive as the humans.

There are scientific reasons for people to be attracted to Disney animals. In Nicholas Sammond’s book Babes in Tomorrowland: Walt Disney and the Making of the American Child, Bambi animator Marc Davis recalls studying real animals to inspire his drawings, but giving them human expressions and relatable movements so viewers could emotionally identify with them: “I took a huge book on baby behavior and every interesting child’s face… I would interpret it into the mask of this young deer.”

The Bambi animals weren’t as cartoonish as the ones in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, which supervising animator Eric Larson said resembled “big flour sacks.” And as the decades went on, the line between human and animal characteristics in Disney characters continued to blur.

In an online interview, Sex and Sexuality in Modern Screen Remakes author Dr. Lauren Rosewarne explains why people get so thirsty for Disney animals: “When a character that is putatively an animal speaks with a sexy voice and human physical elements (curved hips/cleavage/biceps etc), the producer is presenting a sexualised animal to the audience — none of this is an accident,” she said. “For some audiences, this presentation won’t be particularly meaningful, in others it’s vaguely attractive, and for others […] the display will be distinctly arousing. Producers know this and cash in on it.”

So it’s perfectly logical that Disney animals play a big part in kids’ early sexual development. With that in mind, let us take a journey through the hottest animals in the Disney kingdom.

20. Bernard, The Rescuers

Hot Disney animals list Image: Walt Disney Animation Studios

Bernard is riddled with anxiety, and he has the mouse equivalent of a dad bod, but he’s also sweet and dedicated to his loved ones. As a member of the Rescue Aid Society, Bernard will always overcome his fears in order to do the right thing. Also, he’s got fashionable flair with his paperboy hat and distinguished turtleneck. But what I love the most about Bernard is his voice, supplied by Bob Newhart: It’s crackly and deadpan, yet gentle and kind.

19. Tramp, Lady and the Tramp

Hot Disney animals list Image: Walt Disney Animation Studios

Just like the name says, Tramp is a player. It clear why he’s had lots of dog girlfriends: He’s got a devil-may-care attitude and sense of adventure that’s impossible to resist. His lust for a life without a fence makes him an even more handsome hound. Larry Roberts’ scruffy voice brings out his playful and mischievous spirit. Even though Tramp comes from the wrong side of the tracks, I wouldn’t mind sharing spaghetti with him.

18. Rita, Oliver and Company

Hot Disney animals list Image: Walt Disney Animation Studios

The only female member of Fagin’s gang, Rita is one tough canine who knows how to navigate New York City’s streets of gold with finesse. She has the grungy style of a 1980s rocker chick with her shaggy brown hair and sultry purple eyeshadow. Ruth Pointer’s husky singing voice gives Rita an extra layer of cool.

17. Beast, Beauty and the Beast

Hot Disney animals list Image: Walt Disney Animation Studios

I’m not sure exactly what Beast is. The animators made him a mix of a buffalo, lion, boar, gorilla, and bear. Since he’s a human trapped inside a monster’s body, it makes sense that viewers, like Belle, would also fall for him. The Beast’s bright blue human-like eyes reveal the wounded boy trapped inside that I can’t help but feel sorry for, in spite of his whole abduction-as-romance thing. Underneath his problematic temper, the Beast is a sweet person/animal just looking for his special someone. He makes us believe that I can domesticate a bad boy.

16. Miss Bianca, The Rescuers

Hot Disney animals list Image: Walt Disney Animation Studios

Even on the most dangerous of missions, Miss Bianca is always dressed to the nines in fur coats, berets, and a flouncy purple scarf tied in a bow. The fuzzy little fashionista changes her glamorous outfits throughout the movie. But even as elegant as she is, Miss Bianca is willing to get her hands dirty to get her and Bernard out of tough spots. This brave little mouse also has a striking Hungarian accent from Eva Gabor. Miss Bianca’s chic wardrobe and fearless spirit makes her stand out among other animated animal heroines.

15. Dodger, Oliver and Company

Hot Disney animals list Image: Walt Disney Animation Studios

This scrappy Jack Russell Terrier is similar to Tramp. Dodger’s laidback attitude and savoir faire is magnetic. He bounces on top of taxi cabs and moves to the syncopated rhythms of the city with thrilling ease. Dodger’s also got swagger, rocking a pair of sunglasses and a red bandana that communicate his nonchalant demeanor while navigating the busy metropolitan streets. Adding to his urban charm is Billy Joel’s thick New York accent and earworm theme song, “Why Should I Worry?”

14. Georgette, Oliver and Company

Hot Disney animals list Image: Walt Disney Animation Studios

This stone-cold diva spends her days admiring her own glamorous looks and her photographs of her former lovers. She has fluffy periwinkle fur that wraps around her neck like an elegant coat, and she ties her cloud-like tresses with a pink bow that is oh-so-chic. Georgette may be a bitch, but there’s a reason she can get an entire flock of New York City animals to worship her in song.

13. Prince Naveen as a frog, The Princess and the Frog

Hot Disney animals list Image: Walt Disney Animation Studios

We all know Prince Naveen is arguably the hottest Disney prince, even if he does give off fuckboy vibes early in the movie. Naveen spends the majority of The Princess and the Frog as a frog, but that isn’t necessarily a turn-off. That beaming smile, his bright eyes, and the alluring mix of Bruno Campos’ Portuguese and French accent makes froggy Naveen leap into my heart. Even when he’s a tiny amphibian, watching Naveen learn how to be less selfish and more caring makes me swoon. If I had to kiss Prince Naveen as a frog, I’d gladly do it.

12. Vixey, The Fox and the Hound

Hot Disney animals list Image: Walt Disney Animation Studios

Vixey’s name comes from “vixen,” meaning either a female fox or a spirited, attractive woman. She lives up to the name. Vixey bats her beautiful, long eyelashes and swishes her fluffy tail; her bright orange fur shines against the dark, green backgrounds of the forest. Sandy Duncan gives Vixey a breathy, Marilyn Monroe-esque voice and a cute giggle. She’s also very affectionate. Vixey knows what she wants and isn’t shy about getting it, like when she nuzzles Copper and declares that she wants to have six pups with him.

11. Judy Hopps, Zootopia

Hot Disney animals list Image: Walt Disney Animation Studios

Judy Hopps is a plucky bunny who hops her way into viewers’ affections with her precious little pink nose and big purple eyes. But she isn’t just an innocent little hare, she’s a tough, determined cop ready to defend Zootopia with a va-va-voom figure.

10. Lady, Lady and the Tramp

Hot Disney animals list Image: Walt Disney Animation Studios

Lady is absolutely stunning. She has long, curly brown ears that swish when she walks and a shiny blue/gold collar. Despite her refined upbringing, she has a warm personality that shines through her big, expressive eyes. Barbara Luddy’s mature and soothing voice is perfect for the majestic mutt. We’re meant to fall in love with this pampered pooch just as much as Tramp does.

9. Hot Tiger, Zootopia

Hot Disney animals list Image: Walt Disney Animation Studios

Zootopia’s glimpse of Hot Tiger is brief, but it leaves a lasting impression. Hot Tiger is thicc and muscular. We only see him traveling on Zootopia public transportation for a few seconds, but that’s enough to leave us fantasizing about what could have been. Hot Tiger may or may not be one of the same sashaying, shirtless tigers who back up pop star Gazelle when she performs “Try Everything,” but there’s something more enticing about seeing such a brawny dude in a normal, everyday setting. It makes him feel less unattainable. This tiger king does nothing more than sit and look pretty, but that’s all it takes for him to win us over.

8. Nick Wilde, Zootopia

Hot Disney animals list Image: Walt Disney Animation Studios

What is it about Disney foxes that makes them so foxy? For Nick Wilde in Zootopia, it’s his sly smile, mischievous wit, and agile moves wrapped in a business casual outfit. It’s also Justin Bateman’s delightfully dry vocals. What makes this furry rapscallion even more attractive is that he isn’t afraid to look deep within himself and expose his identity struggles.

7. Nala, The Lion King

Simba and Nala make eyes at each other in The Lion King Image: Walt Disney Animation Studios

With her regal presence and sleek looks, Nala is a queen long before she takes a seat next to Simba on the throne. While she’s a beautiful lion with golden fur and hypnotic green eyes, Nala is so attractive is her feminine strength and confidence. She isn’t afraid to go after what she wants, especially when she tumbles in the grass with Simba and gives him a sexy come-hither look.

6. Simba, The Lion King

Hot Disney animals list Image: Walt Disney Animation Studios

Part brooding lion Hamlet, part goofball embracing the Hakuna Matata lifestyle, Simba is one of the dreamiest beasts on the African savannah. Simba’s transformation into a brave leader who’s willing to do anything to protect his pride is incredibly hot, but his luscious, ’90s-style red locks and close resemblance to his velvet-voiced zaddy Mufasa is what solidifies his appeal. I just can’t wait to make him king.

5. Basil, The Great Mouse Detective

Hot Disney animals list Image: Walt Disney Animation Studios

I’m ride or die for Basil. Sure, he’s only a few inches tall, but he has the sexiest British accent, and he’s super intelligent and witty. Barrie Ingham’s voice is the perfect combination of eccentric and debonair. As a stand-in for Sherlock Holmes, Basil has a suave style with his pipe, brown jacket, inverness cape, and trademark deerstalker cap. It’s no mystery that Basil is one hot mouse.

4. Roxanne, A Goofy Movie

Hot Disney animals list Image: Walt Disney Animation Studios

Roxanne is a true girl next door. Even though she’s popular and impossibly gorgeous, her kind-hearted demeanor and sporty style make her seem approachable. She’s also adorably shy, often hiding behind her long, wavy red hair. And who can resist that darling brown button nose and beauty mark? She’s not only Max’s dream girl, she’s mine, too.

3. Beret Girl, An Extremely Goofy Movie

Image: Walt Disney Animation Studios

I don’t just want to be with the Beret Girl, I want to be her. Beret Girl oozes a hip sophistication with her all-black ensemble, heavy-lidded eyes, and sultry maroon side bangs. Beret Girl is a chill ’90s version of a beatnik, and the only Disney character who can genuinely rock a tilted black beret. The poetic insults she slings with a monotone vocal fry only adds to her mysterious allure.

2. Kovu, The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride

Hot Disney animals list Image: Walt Disney Animation Studios

Kovu is the ultimate bad boy — the tortured, emo son of Scar’s disciple Zira just wants to be understood. With his dark fur and piercing green eyes, Kovu is truly magnetic. The scar over his left eye gives him an extra touch of danger. But as tough and angry as he is, Kovu has vulnerable moments and a need for acceptance that makes me want to embrace him.

1. Robin Hood, Robin Hood

Hot Disney animals list Image: Walt Disney Animation Studios

Robin Hood is a bad boy with good intentions: He steals from the rich and gives to the poor. Part of what makes Robin Hood one of the sexiest Disney animals (and a notable furry icon) is his charming British accent and medieval-style tunic and feathered cap. There’s also nothing hotter than standing up to the establishment. This adventure-seeking outlaw slings an arrow into our hearts with his cocky attitude and rebellious but generous ways.


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