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Cloud gaming

There are plenty of options for streaming video games onto all manner of devices, from Google’s Stadia to Microsoft’s xCloud to Sony’s PlayStation Now, and so many more. Here's everything you need to know about what’s worth playing in the cloud.

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Get ready to stream Xbox on TVs, iPhones, and stand-alone streaming devices

GeForce Now’s paid subscription is doubling in price

Google shuts down internal Stadia game studio

Hitman 3 will use Google Stadia’s new save-sharing feature

Xbox Game Pass comes to iOS in spring 2021

YouTube Premium subscribers can now get a free Google Stadia bundle

Ubisoft’s subscription service is coming to Amazon and Stadia

Control and Hitman 3 are headed to Nintendo Switch via the cloud

Facebook’s cloud gaming strategy is surprisingly laid-back

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Microsoft xCloud’s best games: 15 great places to start

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Cloud gaming’s history of false starts and promising reboots

From OnLive to Google Stadia, the cloud gaming trend has had a wild ride in the video game industry

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The promise of cloud gaming

The future of games may not require high-end hardware—but will require very good internet

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How to set up your home for cloud gaming

The internet speed and router settings you’ll need in order to maximize games streamed from the cloud

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How does cloud gaming work?

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Why cloud gaming could be a big problem for the climate

Cloud gaming’s dirty secret

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Amazon unveils new cloud gaming service Luna