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The Force Awakens' Poe is getting his own comic and it looks great

Susana Polo is an entertainment editor at Polygon, specializing in pop culture and genre fare, with a primary expertise in comic books. Previously, she founded The Mary Sue.

Poe Dameron, the best pilot in the Resistance, is getting his own Marvel Comic, and with some top talent on the job, to boot.

It's clear that Poe, perhaps the most minor of The Force Awakens' leads, has a popularity uncorrelated to his screen time. There's his budding relationship with ex-stormtrooper Finn, of course, but it's safe to say that a lot of the attention can be blamed on actor Oscar Isaac's... let's say charisma. Charisma.

And to portray that charisma — yeah, we're going with charisma — Marvel has enlisted Phil Noto, whose beautiful naturalistic style has graced the pages of Black Widow, Kelly Sue DeConnick's Ghost and cover upon cover of comics issues. Notably, Noto has also produced covers and interior illustrations for quite a few books in the new Star Wars expanded universe in the past year.

Marvel Poe Dameron

Star Wars: Poe Dameron will be written by Charles Soule, also no stranger to the new Star Wars universe, having written the Star Wars: Lando miniseries and the recently launched Obi-Wan and Anakin ongoing, as well as a much-lauded run on She-Hulk. Poe Dameron will be only the second Marvel comic to take place in the era of Force Awakens, after the as-yet-unreleased C-3PO special. But if you're hoping for a look at what happens after Force Awakens, you may be disappointed. Soule says the first arc of the series will explore Poe's search for a mystic who may know the way to Luke Skywalker — Max von Sydow's Lor San Tekka, who we met in the opening scenes of The Force Awakens — even as the First Order rushes to get their hands on the information first. Poe's loyal droid BB-8 and his squadmates will appear, as well as a brand new First Order nemesis for the pilot.

"Sometimes it can feel like the Star Wars universe is so well trodden and so many stories have already been told," Soule said of the new villain. "But the way the Episode VII galaxy is set up, there are opportunities for new archetypes almost, and the bad guy we're working with is going to feel fresh and cool."

Of the new Star Wars trilogy's three leads, Poe Dameron's past is perhaps the most fleshed out. His parents were Rebel fighters who retired shortly after the fall of the Empire to raise their child on Yavin IV. He learned how to fly from his mother, and served in the Republic's navy until he became disillusioned with its refusal to take the First Order threat seriously. With the urging of General Leia, he and his squadron defected to the Resistance, where he became one of the militia force's most expert operatives.

"It's silly not to explore the idea of a guy who grew up steeped in the Rebellion and the older Republic and all of those myths and legends," Soule told USA Today. "If you think about it, he grew up the way we did, hearing all of these stories."

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