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Dungeon Punchers blends comics, tabletop, weird monsters and incompetent adventurers

No punching in this preview, but there's definitely a dungeon

Written and drawn by Kelsey Wroten, whose cartoons have graced the pages of the New Yorker, Vice and Bitch magazine, Dungeon Punchers is what happens when "a witch, an elf, a warrior and a Valkyrie dungeon crawl for adventure, for loot, and for love."

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What is Stela?

The comic debuted last week on the Stela digital comics app, and the platform has offered Polygon readers a sneak preview of what's coming up for the series. They thought our audience might be interested in a "fantasy adventure merging tabletop gaming tropes with comic book magic," and they're probably not wrong.

Read on, as Jupiter and friends encounter an unexpected cow person and a very forward ghost with no parental supervision. (Images are not necessarily contiguous.)

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