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What was the New 52?

And how Superman is saving the DC Universe

It’s been a rocky road for DC Comics for the past few years, to say the least. Struggling sales, editorial hurdles and a newly rebooted universe that still felt unsettled after more than four years of work (not to mention a parent company doing its worst to produce a cinematic universe based on the company’s properties).

“We were met at a couple of panels with a level of apathy that I hadn't seen for a very long time,” DC co-publisher Dan DiDio has said of the company’s presence at 2015’s New York Comic-Con. “There was a disconnect with the fan base, more than we’d even perceived. It felt palpable.”

But the DC universe turned a major corner this year, and we wouldn’t be Issue at Hand, Polygon’s video series about the weird world of comics, if we didn’t explain to you exactly how it was done.

Also, if you found my End of 2016 comics post too long to read, you’ll find this video to be an acceptable substitute.

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