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Sonic the Hedgehog’s next comics get a fantastic facelift (correction)

Loved the Sonic Mania opening? Then you’ll dig this

sonic the hedgehog idw comic art IDW Publishing/Sega

Sonic the Hedgehog returns to comic book stores next April, new publisher IDW announced during New York Comic Con. Alongside the news that the first month will feature one new issue per week, the publisher revealed the lead writer for the series alongside a piece of promo art from a contributing artist, both of whom will be familiar names to big-time Sonic fans.

Ian Flynn, who worked on the original Sonic stories from Archie Comics, will again write Sonic the Hedgehog’s new comic adventures. He’s a popular choice for those who grew up reading the comics, more than 100 of which he scripted.

What I’m most pumped for is the artist who crafted the Sonic revival’s first piece of promo art: It’s Tyson Hesse, whose work we know best from Sonic Mania. He’s the guy behind the game’s stunning opening animation. Let’s take a second and rewatch it, because it truly is the best:

Hesse won’t be doing the interior artwork for the comic, however, so this may just be a one-off.

“Can’t say what I am doing exactly, but I unfortunately can’t be taking interior art duties,” he wrote on Twitter. “I’m excited to see who does though!”

Still, Hesse’s take has me more excited about a Sonic comic than the time I regretfully spent too long reading one as a six-year-old. (If you haven’t heard this story, you should.) Here’s hoping the rest of the art follows suit.

sonic the hedgehog idw comic art
Some beautiful art from the new comics, courtesy of Tyson Hesse.
IDW Publishing/Sega

After Sega abruptly canceled the character’s long-running Archie Comics series in July, IDW picked up the license. The company is also known for its Star Wars and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles adaptations, making it the home of nostalgic faves.

IDW’s first Sonic the Hedgehog issue hits shelves on April 4, 2018.

Correction: Tyson Hesse will not be doing the interior artwork for the comic, the artist confirmed on Twitter. We’ve amended the story above to reflect this.

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