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The most famous Inhuman is finally getting his own comic

Well if he’s not the most famous he’s at least the best boy

Announcement cover of Lockjaw #1 (2018), Marvel Comics Ed McGuinness/Marvel Comics

The Inhumans may have not made the biggest splash on television, but it did raise the visibility of the superhero group’s hard-to-miss mascot — Lockjaw, the massive teleporting dog. Marvel Comics is responding to that visibility by giving the mountainous mutt his very own solo comic for the first time.

Lockjaw’s eponymous, four-issue miniseries will be written by the aptly named Daniel Kibblesmith, with art from Carlos Villa. Kibblesmith is a writer for The Late Show and recently published his first book, Santa’s Husband, a picture book that spun out of his own viral tweet, in which he announced THAT “our future child will only know about Black Santa. If they see a white one we'll say, ‘That's his husband.’” The book, naturally, is a heartwarming story about Santa and Mr. Santa, their supportive relationship and the duties they share at the North Pole.

Lockjaw will also be about family: An entire litter of massive dogs. Lockjaw’s confusing status as an Inhuman (a race of genetically accelerated human beings) and a dog (not a human being) has just been one of the Marvel Universe’s many mysteries until this year, when Marvel’s Black Bolt series gave him a concrete origin story as ... well, a son of a bitch.

Yes, Lockjaw is now known to be the puppy of an actual dog, who happens to have far-reaching teleportation powers. Lockjaw will explore how he got those powers and reveal that he has long-lost siblings who need his help.

“From there,” Lockjaw editor Wil Moss said in a press release, “we’ll be following everybody’s best friend around the universe as he tracks down his siblings — along with a surprising companion, D-Man!”

D-Man is a long-running minor character in the Marvel universe, who’s gone through several cycles of being used for comedic effect versus being used as a serious character. Most recently, he appeared in Captain America: Sam Wilson, where it was revealed that, much like Kibblesmith’s Santa, he had a boyfriend.

Lockjaw will be the big dog’s first solo outing, but not the first time he’s starred in a comic — his adventures with several other prominent superhero pets of the Marvel Universe, under the team name of the Pet Avengers, have featured in three different miniseries.

The first issue of Lockjaw will hit shelves in February 2018.

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