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Marvel’s March schedule includes some painful cancellations

Unbelievable Gwenpool, Generation X and maybe more?

The cover of The Unbelievable Gwenpool #25, Marvel Comics 2018. Gurihiru/Marvel Comics

Marvel’s publication schedule for March 2018 is out, and fans are saying goodbye — or preparing themselves to say goodbye — to some beloved series.

While Marvel will be kicking off a new Infinity Stones-related crossover event, to coincide with the release of Avengers: Infinity War in May, and starting a new Green Goblin-related arc in Amazing Spider-Man #797, other news from Marvel’s March list of comics is more final.

With Brian Michael Bendis taking an exclusive contract with DC Comics, he and collaborator Michael Gaydos will leave Jessica Jones with a “fully painted” farewell issue, while the comic continues with an “all-new” creative team. Christina Strain, writer on Generation X, a book about Jubilee mentoring young Xavier school students, also confirmed that the absence of their book from the March lineup is because its February issue, #87, was its last.

And fans on Reddit are already mourning the absence of Unbelievable Gwenpool, a surreal comedy series from Chris Hastings (Dr. McNinja) and Gurihiru (Avatar: The Last Airbender) following the adventures of a Deadpool- and Gwen Stacy-flavored alternate reality character who, within her own fiction, has nothing directly to do with either. And though cancellation is as yet unconfirmed, America, featuring the adventures of Miss America Chavez, is also nowhere to be seen in March.

But there’s plenty more for Marvel fans to be worried about — there are a few comics coming out in the month that aren’t confirmed to be cancelled. But official synopses seem to be saying goodbye to their leads or wondering what their futures will hold. Take Hawkeye, for example:

As Madame Masque, Eden and a crew of misfit villains take on Hawkeye and Hawkeye with renewed vengeance, our heroes dig deep into themselves to solve the unique challenges they face. Arrows can't solve everything, it seems. Who knew?! When the dust settles, what will the future hold for the two Hawkeyes?

If that doesn’t feel declarative to you, here’s the cover:

Update: Writers Kelly Thompson (Hawkeye) and Sina Grace (Iceman) have since confirmed that their books have been canceled, while writer Mark Waid (Champions) has confirmed that his has not. Polygon reached out to Marvel to confirm the status of certain of its series; the publisher declined to do so.

Additionally, a previous version of this post incorrectly described Gwenpool: She’s actually way more complicated than I had assumed.

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