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Legion and the Runaways, explained

Two for one!

The Marvel Universe has saturated mainstream culture — and there’s no better evidence of that than the current glut of upcoming or recently-premiered television series based on truly obscure characters.

Which is why this week’s episode of Issue at Hand, Polygon’s series about the strange world of comics, is about Legion and the Runaways. The former is an obscure X-Men villain/tertiary character who now has his own FX series, and the latter is a show about teens with superpowers on the run from their super villain parents.

Both are absolutely at the bottom of anybody’s list to ever hang out with the Avengers or take the lead in an X-Men movie. Yet, Legion is headlining his own breakout television drama, and the Runaways show on Hulu may very well tie into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In today’s video, I break down why David Haller, the mutant known as Legion, has such storytelling potential — and why so many people are very excited about a Runaways television show.

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