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Amazon has 2,000 Marvel books on sale for pocket change

Including some of the company’s most famous stories

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Black Panther Marvel

We don’t know why, and we don’t know how (OK, we have some guesses) but you can grab a shockingly large number of digital Marvel comics from Amazon on the cheap today, most of them for under five dollars.

Without fanfare, the online bookseller has slashed prices on more than 2,000 Marvel collected editions. The discounted prices are available for Kindle-ready editions of the books, as well as editions available through Comixology, an Amazon subsidiary and the biggest digital comics retailer out there. As just one example, God Loves, Man Kills, the seminal X-Men story arc that inspired much of the X-Men film franchise, will set you back $4 on Comixology, and $10 if you want it in hardcover.

You can get it on Amazon, right now, in a Comixology-ready edition, for 80 cents.

The sale is huge and well worth diving into, but here are some other recommended highlights, from your resident comics expert:

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