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Batman went through a pretty big life event, but what ended up happening?

Did we get an answer?

Batman #25 cover
DC Comics

Batman went through with a pretty big decision a couple of weeks ago, but we never got an answer as to what happened next.

[Warning: The following contains spoilers for the most recent issues of Batman.]

In issue #24 of Batman, the Dark Knight asks Selina Kyle, a woman he’s been in love with for quite some time — and an occasional adversary — to marry him. He chases Kyle across rooftops, bringing up the story of the first time they met and pouring his heart out. He explains that since they first met, his feelings have only grown for her, admitting that he bought the diamond she stole because of an intuition he had about their relationship.

“I knew. Even at the beginning,” Batman says in the issue. “I knew I'd need it. I needed it. Just like I need you.”

It’s one of the most vulnerable moments for the character and it ends without us ever knowing if Kyle said yes.

Unfortunately, we still don’t know.

In issue #25, which was released earlier this week, the insinuation is that she does say yes, but there are some clues that suggest otherwise. While Kyle and Bruce Wayne do end up in bed together by the end of the issue, Kyle’s left hand is strategically obscured in the panel. The left hand, of course, being where engagement rings are traditionally worn.

DC Comics

What does this all mean? Could Kyle and Wayne still be figuring it out? Did she say no? While that answer is still a little ways off, we do have a little more information about what’s coming up in the next issue that provides some insight.

“The War of Jokes and Riddles” storyline will bring to light some of Wayne’s deepest secrets that he will tell Kyle. Whatever he tells her could sway her decision; is it too much for Kyle to accept or can she see past whatever he confesses? It seems reasonable that she would listen to whatever Wayne had to tell her before making a life-altering decision.

For now, we’ll just have to be patient. Batman #26 will be released on July 5.

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