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Batman pops the big question in next issue

Buckle up for an emotional ride

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The cover of Batman Annual #1, DC Comics 2016. David Finch/DC Comics

Batman, one of comics’ most notorious playboys, is getting ready to settle down.

[Warning: The following contains spoilers for an upcoming issue of Batman.]

In the newest issue of Batman, Batman #24, Wayne will finally get down on one knee and propose to Selina Kyle, otherwise known as Catwoman. Although Batman has had a number of love interests over the years, his relationship with Kyle is the one he returns to time and time again.

In the panel that DC released to USA Today ahead of the issue’s release tomorrow, Wayne can be seen proposing to Kyle, using the same diamond that Catwoman stole when she encountered him for the first time. USA Today also reports that it’s during this moment Wayne confesses it’s something he’s wanted to do since the first time he met her, so prepare for a little bit of cheese, Batman fans.

The scene is written by Tom King, so although the marriage proposal may feel a little strange, those who have been keeping up with the latest Batman issues shouldn’t be overly surprised. King has written some of the most intimate and vulnerable moments for the caped crusader and some of them have included Kyle. In Batman #12, Wayne told Kyle that he considered killing himself after the death of his parents. That issue was also written by King.

In that issue, Kyle betrayed Batman and told Bane, another one of his foes, about a plan Batman had to use inmates at Arkham Asylum to steal the Psycho Pirate from the masked villain. Although Wayne doesn’t believe Kyle could betray him at first, he slowly realizes what has transpired. It’s in that moment of vulnerability and betrayal that King’s version of the hero can be seen.

“Bruce opens himself up emotionally to Catwoman in this issue and reveals his deepest secret to her,” King told Freak Sugar. “He says to her that he knows her because they share the same pain and that connects them forever. For her to betray him after this letter was sent that we’re reading in the issue — that puts him at his lowest point ever.

“So we have him fighting through this issue until he can’t fight anymore. He’s barely standing before Catwoman and Bane at the very end and he’s about to get broken.”

King’s investment in Kyle and Wayne’s relationship has continued throughout the series and is what led to this pivotal moment for Batman. Of course, readers won’t know what the response to his question is until the issue is released. There’s a good chance that Kyle could turn down the proposal, leading to a sadder arc for Gotham’s finest hero.

Batman #24 will go on sale tomorrow. Additional pages from the issue can be read on USA Today.

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