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Marvel Comics confirms major return for one superhero in Legacy this week

Let the games begin!

Marvel Legacy banner Marvel Comics

Marvel is bringing back one of the publisher’s most popular heroes for Marvel Legacy #1 this week.

[Warning: The following contains spoilers for Marvel Legacy #1.]

After three years of comic panels free of Logan’s characteristic scowl or Wolverine’s glimmering claws, the Canadian hero is set to return in the first issue of Marvel Legacy. Axel Alonso, Marvel’s editor-in-chief, told that the journey of how and why Wolverine has returned from the dead is an intriguing one. When Wolverine returns, he’ll be in the possession of an Infinity Stone — the all-important, rare object that the Guardians of the Galaxy have been hunting their current comic run.

“After three years of a Logan-free Marvel Universe, Logan is back, claws popped and ready for action,” Alonso said. “How he came back, why he came back, and just how he came into possession of that Infinity Stone are part of a fascinating story that's going to unveil soon, and in some unusual places.”

Wolverine is the second superhero that Marvel Comics has announced will return as part of Marvel’s Legacy, a new series that will “usher in the dramatic return of dozens of its most beloved heroes, villains, teams and artifacts in bold stories that will begin the next chapter of the Marvel Universe,” according to the publisher.

Marvel confirmed last week that Jean Grey would return in a new, five-issue series called Phoenix Resurrection. A synopsis from Marvel Comics reads:

Strange events are no surprise to the X-Men, but when events start occurring that are more specific and strange than usual, the group is forced to confront the truth: could Jean be alive after all? And how will this Jean Grey deal with a world that is now so different from the one she left years ago?

Marvel Legacy #1 will be released on Sept. 27.