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Life is Strange sequel comic illustrates fans’ dream reunion

Chloe and Max have never looked happier than on these comic covers

Life is Strange comic cover by Claudia Leonardi Claudia Leonardi/Titan Comics

This November, the first season of Life is Strange continues on in the form of a comic. Max and Chloe, the fan-favorite heroes from the first game in the series, return in what will be a unique take following the season’s conclusion. A look at the debut issue’s various covers suggests that there’s a lot of love at the heart of Life is Strange’s print follow-up — which is good news for anyone who misses the co-stars.

[Ed. note: This post contains spoilers for the end of Life is Strange’s first season.]

Life is Strange #1 will focus on Max and Chloe after one of the game’s two endings: the one in which Max chooses to save her best friend and possible-crush, Chloe, instead of their town of Arcadia Bay. The two end up driving away, and in the comic, we catch up with them a year later as they start anew together, far away from the melodrama that Arcadia Bay inflicted upon their lives.

“But their new life is fragile, built on foundations that they haven’t quite processed yet,” writer Emma Vieceli tells Polygon about the storyline, “and an invitation to honor those lost in Arcadia Bay is going to force them to face what they’ve tried hard to forget.”

The cast will include new characters alongside our original protagonists, four of whom Titan Comics shared designs for with us. We don’t know much about Tammi, Dwight, Dex or Pixie, but they don’t seem to have much in common with the privileged kids of Arcadia Bay.

Titan Comics shared several cover variants with us for the first issue of Life is Strange, due out on Nov. 14. From the looks of it, Chloe and Max lovers will get another chance to see the teens build upon their love for each other, just as we have. The 32-page issue will cost $3.99 at retail. Check ‘em out below.

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