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The Japanese TV Spider-Man returned for Marvel’s Spider-Geddon

He pilots a giant robot named Leopardon

Marvel Comics/Sheldon Vella
Petrana Radulovic is an entertainment reporter specializing in animation, fandom culture, theme parks, Disney, and young adult fantasy franchises.

For a brief, wonderful time in 1978, Takuya Yamashiro was the alter ego of Spider-Man.

Now the Japanese Spider-Man is back in action, swinging into the Spider-verse courtesy of Marvel’s Spider-Geddon #3.

Takuya Yamashiro was the Spider-Man of a action-packed television series that emerged from a three-year licensing agreement between the Toei Company and Marvel that allowed both to use each other’s characters in whatever way they wished. For Toei, that meant turning Spider-Man into a 22-year-old motorcross racer who, after witnessing a UFO crash, attracts the attention of an alien group bent on taking over the universe. It’s up to Yamashiro to save the world with his spider powers and spider-themed tech.

Oh yeah, and he also controls a giant robot named Leopardon

Last week’s Vault of Spiders #1, which featured vignettes of some of the many different Spider-heroes across the Marvel universes, had a manga-style section entitled “Final Galaxy Battle!” and showed off Yamashiro and Leopardon.

Marvel Comics/Sheldon Vella

This week, Yamashiro is one of the many powerful Spider-Men that Doc Ock’s Superior Spider-Man recruited.

[Ed note: The rest of this article contains minor spoilers for Spider-Geddon #3]

The comic starts off with Superior Spider-Man bringing Insomniac Spider-Man (probably recruited due to his trust of Doctor Octavius) to a secret lair, where the powerful Spider-Man allies have gathered. Before they can enter, they see the all-mighty Leopardon fighting off a monster.

Marvel Comics

Superior Spider-Man and Insomniac Spider-Man pop into the control center to say hi — well, Insomniac Peter Parker does, and Superior Spider-Man tries to convinces Yamashiro to fight the monster with a giant robot sword.

Yamashiro hesitates initially because it’s dishonorable, but finally, he has Leopardon pull out the awesome giant robot sword and stab the monster. It’s amazing.

Marvel COmics

Then Superior Spidey and Insomniac Spidey go off to meet the other heroes and figure out how to save the world from the evil Inheritors.

Yamashiro first appearance in an American comic book was 2014’s Spider-Verse, where he was also brought in by other Spider-heroes to band together and fight off the Inheritors. During that run, Leopardon was sadly destroyed — but don’t worry. The bot was recovered and the two were reunited for the final battle.

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