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Batman and Catwoman are getting married in July — but not if the Joker stops them first

Look, just because Harley wised up to your crap doesn’t mean you can take it out on other people

The cover of DC Nation #0
From the cover of DC Nation #0.
Jorge Jiménez, Alejandro Sánchez/DC Comics
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What happens when the Joker finds out that his greatest enemy has a great big chance at happiness? DC Comics fans will find out in May, when DC Nation #0 will show us exactly what the Clown Prince of Crime does when he finds out that Batman and Catwoman are getting married.

It’s all a part of Tom King’s bestselling run on Batman, where he’s slowly exploring what it might mean for Batman to move past the emotional trauma that has defined his mission for 80 years — and maybe even find happiness. Part of that journey has been proposing to his long-time off-and-on flame, Catwoman, and receiving an enthusiastic yes.

But before “the wedding story arc reach[es] its climax” in Batman #50, as DC’s press release carefully puts it (neither confirming nor denying that there will actually be a wedding), the Joker will have his say. Tom King will team with Clay Mann — the same creative team that brought us Superman and Batman on a double date with their costumes swapped — to bring readers a story about the Joker being that one “wedding guest most likely to speak now and not hold his peace at all.”

But that story will just be a single part of DC Nation #0. The 32-page book will be an anthology, featuring three stories from DC’s biggest talent about its biggest characters, and a preview of the new DC Nation promotional magazine. Hitting shelves on May 2, days before Free Comic Book Day, DC Nation #0 will cost a mere 25 cents, and digital copies will be entirely free.

The other two stories in its pages will include a Superman tale from Brian Michael Bendis and veteran DC Comics artist and designer José Luis García-López, taking a break from his retirement for the occasion. Their story will set the stage for Bendis’ upcoming run on the main Superman titles.

The last story in DC Nation #0 will be from the pens of Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Joshua Williamson and Jorge Jiménez, and lay groundwork for the Justice League’s next big adventure — Justice League: No Justice — following Snyder’s Dark Nights: Metal arc.

Here’s the full cover art for DC Nation #0:

The cover of DC Nation #0 Jorge Jiménez, Alejandro Sánchez/DC Comics

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