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Overwatch’s new comic is all about Blackwatch

Learn more about Overwatch’s dark side in “Retribution”

Blizzard Entertainment
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The newest Overwatch comic is now live. We’ve gotten a teaser and an in-universe news article, and now we’re getting an in-depth look into Blackwatch.

Blackwatch, Overwatch’s black ops division before the organization’s fall, was tasked with the dirty deeds that the utopian peacekeeping task force was unable to take. Gabriel Reyes (aka Reaper), along with McCree, Genji and Moira, worked in the shadows to keep the world safe. The latest comic explores what one of these crucial missions looked like.

Blizzard Entertainment

Blackwatch has been a fan-favorite faction, even though the organization no longer exists in the game’s current-day lore. Overwatch went down in flames years ago, after Blackwatch’s operations became public and the United Nations intervened. Despite their crucial role in the first generation of Overwatch, and the fan demand for more info, Blizzard has only teased what their missions and history looked like... until now.

This comic gives us a lot more information on Widowmaker’s husband, Gérard Lacroix, and Gabriel Reyes. We get to see how Reyes interacts with his colleagues, and the sort of man that global conflict had shaped him into being. Add in the fact that Moira is working some spooky genetic interference behind the scenes, and this may be Overwatch’s most interesting (and ominous) comic yet.

All of this lore seems to be leading up to Blizzard’s next event, Overwatch Archives: Retribution. The next PvE brawl is a follow-up to last year’s Overwatch-focused Uprising event. Uprising will also be available for play, along with some balance tweaks to adjust for changes like Mercy’s rework.

Download Overwatch’s new comic from the game’s official website.

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