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A new Catwoman comic series is coming this summer

Marriage becomes her, apparently

Announcement art from Catwoman #1, DC Comics (2018). Joëlle Jones/DC Comics
Susana Polo is an entertainment editor at Polygon, specializing in pop culture and genre fare, with a primary expertise in comic books. Previously, she founded The Mary Sue.

Joëlle Jones will write and draw a new ongoing Catwoman series from DC Comics, the publisher announced at this weekend’s Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo.

Jones already has plenty of experience with Selina Kyle, drawing issues of Batman that feature a range of the reformed thief’s adventures, from having a heart to heart (and sword to sword) with Talia Head in a remote desert stronghold to breaking into a dress shop to prepare for her wedding to Batman.

Jones has been nominated for multiple Eisner awards for drawing and co-writing Lady Killer, a 1960s-set comic series about a housewife who moonlights as an assassin. That series’ comparison to Catwoman — who’s about to become Bruce Wayne’s wife while she moonlights as Robin Hood-style reformed criminal — is not too far off.

But what really got Jones the job was her work in DC Comics’ Talent Development Workshop as a writer.

“I had come off of writing Lady Killer, and [DC] contacted me to be in a class and I jumped at the chance,” she told the audience at C2E2, as reported by Comic Book Resources. “I wasn’t an experienced writer and not really interested in writing at all — it was just a means to an end, really. In the class, I wrote one issue of Catwoman, and they really liked my take on her. I really like embracing the dark side of her. They jumped on it, and said, ‘Why not do a pitch for a series?’”

Jones’ Catwoman, with colorist Laura Allred, will hit shelves on July 4. That’s the the same release day as Batman #50, Batman and Catwoman’s wedding issue, which Batman group editor Jamie S. Rich stressed should be read first (Selina is even clutching a copy of it in the cover art for Catwoman #1). The new series will be the character’s fourth ongoing series; the previous Catwoman ongoing launched with DC’s New 52 reboot and ran for five years, until 2016.

Announcement art from Catwoman #1, DC Comics (2018). Joëlle Jones/DC Comics

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