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Marvel’s new Infinity Warps miniseries mashes up your favorite heroes

Meet Iron Hammer and Soldier Supreme

infinity warps soldier supreme Marvel Comics
Petrana Radulovic is an entertainment reporter specializing in animation, fandom culture, theme parks, Disney, and young adult fantasy franchises.

Marvel Comics’ upcoming Infinity Wars event series (no, not the movie) kicks off at the end of summer and leads up to a new project launching in September, now officially known as Infinity Warps.

Marvel creators teased the upcoming project earlier this week, posting a few sketches of mashed up heroes by artist Humberto Ramos on social media with the hashtag #WhoGetsWarped. But now it’s official: these heroic mashups are part of the Infinity Warps series.

It’s not yet clear what happens to cause Infinity Warps or what the exact plot line will be going forward (beyond the heroic mashups), but two official covers by Humberto Ramos were officially unveiled. Behold: Iron Hammer and Soldier Supreme.

Iron Hammer is a mashup of Iron Man and Thor, bringing sleek Asgardian design to modern tech. Infinity Wars: Iron Hammer #1 will be written by Al Ewing with interior art by Ramon Ramos.

Humberto Ramos / Marvel

Soldier Supreme, meanwhile, is a blend of Captain America and Doctor Strange. Infinity Wars: Soldier Supreme #1 will be written by Gerry Duggan, with art by Adam Kubert.

Humberto Ramos / Marvel

Each series will run for two issues, starting in September.

The heroes of this miniseries are reminiscent of the Amalgam Comics heroes — a shared venture by DC and Marvel, which mashed up heroes from each publication. Highlights include Dark Claw (Batman and Wolverine), Super Soldier (Superman and Captain America), and Princess Ororo of Themiscyra (Wonder Woman and Storm).

Infinity Warps is limited just to Marvel characters, but that doesn’t lessen the anticipation for an ambitious crossover. With more mashed up heroes teased on social media, expect some more characters joining the Infinity Warps lineup.

Update: Marvel has announced three more warped heroes that will join the Infinity Warps crew coming to stores later this fall.

Infinity Wars: Weapon Hex #1 will be written by Ben Acker and Ben Blacker, with art by Gerardo Sandoval. Weapon Hex will first appear in Infinity Wars #3 before the series is released in October.

Humberto Ramos / Marvel

Infinity Wars: Arachknight #1 will be written by Max Bemis. He swings into shops in October, after making an appearance in Infinity Wars #3.

Humberto Ramos / Marvel

And last, but definitely not least is Ghost Panther, coming to comic shops in November.

Humberto Ramos / Marvel

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