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Shuri’s stand-alone comic gives Marvel fans the teen crossover they’ve been dying for

Cue the fist-bumps

Vita Ayala, Paul Davidson/Marvel Comics

Shuri, younger sister of Black Panther T’Challa and a breakout Marvel Cinematic Universe favorite, has already teamed up with some popular movie heroes in her stand-alone comic line, Shuri. Previously, she melded minds with Groot and worked with Tony Stark to stop a black hole from devouring Timbuktu.

The latest issue of Shuri sees the young princess cross paths with two more fan-favorite heroes — but this time they’re her own age, bringing a certain sect of Marvel fans’ dreams come true.

[Ed. note: This post contains spoilers for Shuri #6]

After Shuri’s stint in space, a giant, black-hole-creating monster called the Lubber followed the hero back to Earth. After the creature wreaked havoc in Timbuktu, Shuri, followed its energy signatures to New York City.

When Shuri arrives to the city in Shuri #6, it turns out it’s not the Lubber’s signature black holes that she’s been tracking. It’s the superpowered gloves of a teen villain currently robbing a bank nearby. Stopping him is a Brooklyn-based, teen hero: Miles Morales.

Shuri collapses the black hole right as the teenage villain escapes through it. Miles is appropriately blown away by Shuri’s tech and two teens team up to get the hostages of the robbery back to safety.

Then, because they’re both good kids, they call their moms.

Vita Ayala, Paul Davidson/Marvel Comics

Many fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe can’t wait for the MCU versions of Shuri and Peter Parker to meet up, since they’re the only two teens among the group of adult superheroes. Shuri has already been pretty indulgent about its crossovers, hurtling its main character across the galaxy with the Guardians and keeping pace with Tony Stark’s own technical savvy. This superpowered teen team-up was just the next logical step.

And they fist bump!

Vita Ayala, Paul Davidson/Marvel Comics

After diffusing the robbery, Shuri and Miles track down and stop the villain behind it. Together they take on the super villain Graviton, who’s irked that the teen villain violated the copyright he put on his tech.

Just when Graviton freezes Miles and Shuri in place using the gravity of a black hole, a third superpowered teen steps in to save the day: Kamala Khan, aka Ms. Marvel.

ms. marvel saves the day in shuri 6 Vita Ayala, Paul Davidson/Marvel Comics

Shuri #6 is a teen team-up for the ages, with Shuri and Miles’ movie popularity and Kamala’s dominating comics popularity coming together in one book. Like Shuri, Miles and Kamala have recently restarted their solo series, both from the pen of writer Saladin Ahmed. Miles Morales: Spider-Man kicked off in December, while The Magnificent Ms. Marvel, the character’s first solo series since the departure of her co-creator, G. Willow Wilson, starts up today.

Kamala, Miles, and Shuri have each enjoyed their own separate spheres of popularity in recent years, with the success of the Ms. Marvel comics, the gamechanigng Into the Spider-Verse, and Shuri’s role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Shuri hasn’t crossed paths with her peers before, but it looks like the next issue of the Shuri stand-alone line will feature these three teen heroes joining forces to save the day. Take a note MCU.

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