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Homestuck updated with two epilogues three years after series ends

Meat or Candy?

What will you choose?
VIZ Media via Polygon

Homestuck, the popular and lengthy webcomic by Andrew Hussie, updated with an multi-part epilogue on April 20 to tie up the story.

The last we saw the kids and trolls, they were chilling on a new world they created. While they didn’t end up actually defeating Lord English, it seemed like they were going to live happily and start new life on Earth C.

The newly released epilogue forces readers to pick between two lengthy routes: meat or candy. The two routes are very different, but they stem from John Egbert needing to make an important choice. Is he going to, as an adult, go back and take down Lord English as they were all supposed to? Or is he going to avoid a potentially scary mission and stay with his friends? After reading one, you can simply go back and choose the other route.

Each epilogue section is broken further into eight more parts, filled with the usual silly character interactions along with some darker bits. Homestuck is all about reading and experiencing the series unspoiled, so check out the epilogue here before the internet reaches you.

Nobody was expecting another update to hit Homestuck. The series ended on April 13, 2016, with a credits roll uploaded on Oct. 25, 2016. Having intermissions and many acts is very Homestuck, so there could be more parts to this epilogue in the future.

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