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Batman faces down Clownhunter, in his school uniform with ripped pants, a helmet with a mowhawk frill, and a baseball bat with a batarang tied to one end, on Rockwell-esque variant cover for of Batman Annual #5, DC Comics (2020). Image: DC Comics

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Batman’s newest villain hates the Joker so much he’s trying to kill Harley Quinn

Leave her alone, she just wants a breakfast sandwich

Susana Polo is an entertainment editor at Polygon, specializing in pop culture and genre fare, with a primary expertise in comic books. Previously, she founded The Mary Sue.

The newest vigilante on the streets of Gotham City is Clownhunter, a teenage orphan who blames Batman for his parents’ deaths at the hands of the Joker. But mostly, he hates the Joker.

He hates the Joker so much that he wants to kill everyone ever associated with the Joker. And ever since the supervillain called upon Gotham citizens to put on Joker masks and go all Purge on their neighbors — and many of them did — Clownhunter’s list of enemies has gotten very long. But in Batman #102, he appears to be prioritizing a high profile target: Harley Quinn herself.

What else is happening in the pages of our favorite comics? We’ll tell you. Welcome to Monday Funnies, Polygon’s weekly list of the books that our comics editor enjoyed this past week. It’s part society pages of superhero lives, part reading recommendations, part “look at this cool art.” There may be some spoilers. There may not be enough context. But there will be great comics. (And if you missed the last edition, read this.)

Batman #102

“aw, look. the clown lady got herself an apartment,” says Clownhunter as he surveils Harley Quinn, “somebody should get her a real nice housewarming present,” in Batman #102, DC Comics (2020). Image: James Tynion IV, Carlo Pagulayan/DC Comics

This isn’t going to end well for anyone, but most of all Harley’s new landlord.

Marauders #14

“Death is the great change, and everything dies,” says Lady Saturnyne in Marauders #14, Marvel Comics (2020). Wolverine pops his claws and goes on the attack. Image: Gerry Duggan, Benjamin Percy, Stefano Caselli/Marvel Comics

This is your regularly scheduled X of Swords update: All the sword bearers had a nice dinner dance together and then Wolverine stabbed Opal Luna Saturnyne, the Omniversal Majestrix, while saying “Lady, those are some famous last words!” because he’s the best at what he does.

Sweet Tooth: The Return #1

A boy with antlers wanders through a forest, but the sky appears to be a strangely paneled ceiling, in Sweet Tooth: The Return #1, DC Comics (2020). Image: Jeff Lemire, José Villarrubia/DC Comics

Sweet Tooth: The Return began as a reprise of the original lauded Vertigo comics series, in the musical sense. The same tune, but a different tone — a dear-headed boy in a forest, but both the boy and the forest are very different.

Thor #9

“Blake? Is that—” Stammers Loki, as a crazed Donald Blake steps out of a cloud of smoke. “No, he replies, not really.” in Thor #9, Marvel Comics (2020). Image: Donny Cates, Nic Klein/Marvel Comics

The latest Thor series continues its bouncing around the Thor mythos with the return of Dr. Donald Blake, the sort-of-fake/sort-of-real guy who is Thor’s on-and-off alter ego. Except now he’s been driven mad by what was to him centuries of imprisonment and has all the powers of Thor. And he might have killed the World Serpent? Get ready to find out.

DCeased: Dead Planet #5

Cassandra Cain/Batgirl is struck by magic lightning as she takes on the power of Shazam, in DCeased: Dead Planet #5, DC Comics (2020). Image: Tom Taylor, Trevor Hairsine/DC Comics

I know DCeased: Dead Planet is an alternate universe zombie apocalypse prequel story, but, look, I’m a simple woman. You give Cassandra Cain the power of Shazam, and I put it in the roundup.

Guardians of the Galaxy #8

The Super Skrull threatens Marvel Boy with a pistol, but when he fires, the barrel of the gun rotates horizontally 180 degrees with a VRRRT, and then — KZWO — fires a laser blast through his eye. But he’s fine, because he’s a shapeshifter, in Guardians of the Galaxy #8, Marvel Comics (2020). Image: Al Ewing, Marcio Takara/Marvel Comics

Rocket Raccoon’s investigation of murder most foul is going well, but I especially love this extremely dumb gun that assassinates its wielder if it is pointed at a Kree.


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