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Batman: Detective Comics is getting a historic new writer in 2021

Mariko Tamaki takes the reins on DC Comics’ oldest title

Batman and his allies stand in front of Wayne Manor, flanked by statues of his greatest foes, in a variant cover for Detective Comics #1000, DC Comics (2019).
From 2019’s Detective Comics #1000.
Image:Mico Suayan, Romulo Fajardo Jr./DC Comics
Susana Polo is an entertainment editor at Polygon, specializing in pop culture and genre fare, with a primary expertise in comic books. Previously, she founded The Mary Sue.

DC Comics pulled back the curtain on the future of Batman today, revealing that Mariko Tamaki will be the next writer of Detective Comics, the company’s namesake. DC announced the news during the DC Future State: Batman panel during this weekend’s CCXP Worlds, the all-digital-for-2020 incarnation of São Paulo’s Comic Con Experience convention.

Tamaki will be only the second woman in comics history to be the lead writer on a core Batman book, following Devin Grayson’s stint on Gotham Knights in 2000. The multi-Eisner Award-winning writer first made a comics-industry name for herself in the field of YA graphic novels, including Laura Dean is Breaking Up With Me. Of late, she has also steadily notched her belt with solid, award-winning work for Marvel and DC Comics, including runs of X-23 and Hulk, Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass, and lately, Wonder Woman.

She’ll also be writing Future State: Dark Detective, with art from Dan Mora, for DC’s upcoming Future State event, two months of stories about a potential future of the DC Universe. Her Detective Comics run will begin in March of 2021.