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Cover for Wonder Woman #759, with Diana deflecting bullets around swat team guys
Wonder Woman #759
Image: David Marquez/DC Comics

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The future of Wonder Woman is bright, as writer Mariko Tamaki takes over

Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass and Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up with Me writer picks up the book this June

Mariko Tamaki, a shining talent who recently penned the graphic novel Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass, is turning her attention to DC Comics’ trinity, taking over Wonder Woman this June.

“Wonder Woman was the hero I grew up with, she was my little-kid-living-room-cosplay,” said Tamaki in a statement. “I have always wanted a golden lasso and an invisible jet, and I feel like now, writing Wonder Woman, I’m one step closer.”

Tamaki’s run on the title kicks off on June 10 with Wonder Woman #759, which features art by Mikel Janín and a cover by David Marquez. According to DC, the new story arc picks up with Diana in the aftermath of her battle with the Four Horsewomen, a time when life on the mere-mortal wavelength is tricky, and a new threat looms. Not helping the matter: the return of Machiavellian businessman Maxwell Lord. The classic villain shows up in issue #760 looking for help, and Diana’s quest to do the right thing makes for a complicated decision.

Tamaki, who won an Eisner for This One Summer, is not just known for stories about women, but deftly-handled queer stories. If you haven’t read her graphic novel Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me, turn your attention to our list of the best comics from 2019, where we will insist that you should. Her recruitment on Wonder Woman raises interesting questions for Diana’s future, and also gives her the urgent job of reintroducing Maxwell Lord in time for his debut in Wonder Woman 1984, where he’s played by Pedro Pascal.

While we wait patiently for Tamaki’s era of Wonder Woman, here’s a preview of Marquez’s #760 cover.

Wonder Woman #760: Wonder Woman stands on a dock in front of a fleet of robots coming through fog Image: David Marquez/DC Comics

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