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Love comics, but can’t keep up with everything Marvel Comics and DC Comics publish each week? Aren’t quite sure when the next Empyre or DCeased event is arriving to comic book shops? Can’t even imagine scrolling Diamond Comic Distributors to figure out what’s on the horizon, or whether the latest incarnation of Batman or the Avengers is right for you?

Each week, Polygon digs into the latest batch of #1 comic issues, to give you the lowdown on how characters are launching for the first time or relaunching for the first time in forever. If you’re a DC fan, you’ll get the latest on Bats, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash, and the full Justice League pantheon of comic book characters. If you’re more of a Marvel person, we’re up on what’s happening with Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, and the X-Men — which is a whole thing. If you prefer the indie side of the creative business, we dabble in that, too.

So whether you’re in deep on comics or just starting out, check out our #1 comics reviews for the latest on what to pick up.