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I’m really mad about Carnage’s tongue

Venom: Let There Be Carnage’s after-credits scene, explained

Tom Hardy chews up Venom: Let There Be Carnage with chaotic glee

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Inferno stands to become yet another era-defining X-Men book

Marvel’s Avengers is coming to Xbox Game Pass

The Sandman first look introduces Tom Sturridge’s Dream

Marvel’s What If...? was inspired by a low-key gay icon and favorite of Stucky shippers

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‘I wish there was a plan’: The oral history of DC Comics’ infamous New 52 reboot

What happened when DC Comics rebooted the universe

Batman Beyond kicks off a new era by murdering Bruce Wayne

Debating Y: The Last Man’s #girlboss world with The Bechdel Cast’s Jamie Loftus

Take a first look at Buffy the Last Vampire Slayer, set 30 hard years after the show

Nightwing #87 plays out as one continuous, spectacular image

Marvel’s new webcomics line needed more time to bake

Y: The Last Man drew on Nancy Pelosi and Ivanka Trump to deepen its characters

Remembering the polarizing end of Y: The Last Man as the TV version begins

Scarecrow brought Gotham to its knees without a drop of fear gas

Hawkeye trailer finds Clint Barton and Kate Bishop on the run

Carnage is part of Fortnite’s season 8 battle pass

Rethinking Shang-Chi’s problematic origins in the Marvel universe with Gene Luen Yang

Marvel Unlimited expands with new line of exclusive comics from top creators

Batman has gone full Webtoon in maybe the best way

Y: The Last Man makes America’s problems clearer by killing off men

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Polygon’s fall preview

A breakdown of games, movies, TV, and comics releases

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Watch out for these 11 upcoming graphic novels

No, the dragon in Shang-Chi is not Fin Fang Foom

Shang-Chi’s weirdest cameo sets up ‘a lot of exciting things,’ says director

Shang-Chi’s after-credits scenes point to the MCU’s big unknowns

Y: The Last Man’s showrunner has a plan: five seasons and a monkey

The Batman, Gotham Knights, Aquaman 2 headline DC FanDome 2021’s stream schedule

Superman got a new secret identity and blew it immediately

Charlize Theron’s immortal warrior will fight again in sequel to Netflix’s The Old Guard

What If...? blows up a very nerdy bit of Marvel movie trivia